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Michelle Mazhanga: Beauty Wisdom: Winter Skin Care

Beauty Wisdom  is a column which will focus mainly on beauty, fashion and product reviews. The column concentrates mainly on inexpensive beauty tips for Zimbabweans and other nationalities, and fashion products, as well as focusing on saving the average consumer money on style and fashion.

The column will be filled with regular, honest reviews about beauty products, new and exciting trends in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the diaspora, and store collections as well as taking a look at beauty influencers, generally.


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By Michelle Mazhanga

Let me break the ice this week by starting off on with some winter skin care tips. Winter is the coldest and yet the most beautiful season of the year in some places. Winter is the time when the days are short and nights become very long. Perhaps some people won’t agree with this, because winter is also the time that aggravates medical conditions like arthritis and the freezing winter wind can turn our skin dry and itchy.

Winter Skin Care Tip

During winter most of us have experienced extreme dryness in our skin no matter how much we take care of it. Here are some skin care tips that will make our skin feel soft and supple during winter season.

1 Since the skin on your face is more sensitive, use an oil-based moisturiser, rather than a water-based moisturiser so that the oil forms a protective layer on the skin and retains moisture on your face.

2 Moisturise your skin several times in a day Use various body oils or body lotion products containing avocado oil, primrose oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil or glycerin daily to reduce the dryness on your skin.

3 Drinking water helps your skin stay young and wrinkle free. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water everyday during winter season.

4 Winter sun can also damage your skin, so put on some sunscreen to your face and hands while going out during winter.

5 The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands, and has the thinnest skin layer than in any other part of the body. During winter season, to avoid cracking or itching of the hands wear gloves while going out.

6 Having a hot bath during winter season does feel great, but the intense heat of a hot bath or shower can lead to loss of moisture in our skin. Lukewarm water is much better for a bath during winter.

Your wool-blends and knits aren’t the only items that should be getting heavier with the colder months. Your face moisturisers, too, should be thickening up to protect and quench your skin against the elements. Based on my research l have compiled the top two  key products and ingredients every skin type should layer on during autumn and winter.


Eucerin skincare products

Don’t be fooled by the no nonsense, simple packaging and affordable price tag – these moisturisers are all that they claim to be. Eucerin products work wonders on sensitive skin and provides intense, long-lasting moisture that penetrates deeper than the epidermal layers. It is rich yet absorbs quickly and gives instant relief, leaving skin soft and supple.


Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate

This will become your winter staple. It has a light, slightly oily consistency that absorbs quickly and works wonders on dry patches, irritations, and dehydrated skin overnight.


Michelle’s beauty quote of the week:

 Beauty Gets the attention, personality captures the heart


Beauty influencer of the week

Pokello Nare – Socialite and entrepreneur

sk pokello 1

This Zimbabwean beauty has became one to watch after participating in  Big Brother Africa Season 8 where she showcased her fashionable self to the world sense and made known her addiction to shoes.

sk pokello 2

Today Pokello has a shoe line called ‘Pokello Pink Bottoms’ and she is recognized for adding her own bit to the fashion industry. Her even toned skin and amazing dress style makes her my  pick this week for beauty influencer.

N.B All posts are of my (Michelle) own opinion.

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