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Zimbabwe’s John Cole: The world is my stage

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“I dance for my livelihood, my passion and my connection to the world.” John Cole

By Donna Kays

While some dance for fun, others for a living and others simply to entertain, this man does it to give life to the needy. Last week I advertised a dancing program that was meant to raise funds for one of our Zimbabwean sisters to help fight cancer.. The force behind the project, Mr John Cole reported that the fundraising was successful and thanks everyone who took part for opening up your hearts and taking action.

John Cole is a dance choreographer with a unique edge and eye for the right stuff. He fancies himself as mentally hilarious, outgoingand fun, known as “crazy daddy” by his kids and family due to randomness and bursts of unspoken energy.

When asked how he chose this path for a living, JC said he started a couple years ago when he noticed a lot of gaps in the dance industry which needed filling.He says choreographers and dancers usually make the back line look good for most shows and artists, so he couldn’t take it anymore and decided it was high time the tables turned.

Therefore, he took it upon himself to start a trend or movement that is now used by dancers, which is headlining shows alongside the big boys and girls of the music industry.“I dance for my livelihood, my passion and my connection to the world.”

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The award winning dancer admits it took a while to gain momentum but now he’s thrilled that today all promoters and organizers know him as a brand and in doing so earned the respect and colours as a headliner and crowd puller for any event which in turn has given birth to a lot of avenues for dancers, as this form of art is now taken seriously.

He thanks God for guiding him through the good and bad times and is grateful to his family for the support they gave him till he’s where he is today, especially his wife and kids.

The prominent dancer is proud to have worked with esteemed artists likeSulu, Pastor G, Thebalami, Emelda, Guspy Warrior,Roki,Mafrique, Mellow Creme just to mention a few. He’s also glad that he does choreography for leading and multi award winning artists such as Cynthia Mare, Ammara Brown (#MUKOKO), Saba Magacha and African Joy.

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In case you’re still not convinced of his greatness, our local J Cole has choreographed for first lady Mai Grace Mugabe, Prophet Makandiwa, Harare International Carnival,Joina City,Barclays, Coca Cola,PSI,Action Aid and the (4) Uniformed Forces of Zimbabwe, He has even taught dance in foreign lands like Manila, Hong Kong and Philippines,

Despite of achieving all this, Cole insists on describing himself as a simple human being. Here is a brief of his biography:

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  • Born in a family of 6, all artists in their own rights – models, deejays, rappers and painters
  • Husband to the loving and gorgeous Cindy Cole
  • Father to Avant Cole and Duncan Cole
  • He loves cooking and eating although he hardly gains any weight
  • He’s an actor,model, president (like that’s totally normal and simply human? Well, if you say so)

Good news yáll, anyone anywhere can hire JC’s services for birthdays, fashion shows, charity events, workshops, corporate, you name it. Just make sure you make your booking in time coz the man is beyond busy. Right now he’s looking ata festival tomorrow and give a blanket initiative on the same day. If you’re all about V Shows, there’s one at Goromonzi High School in Harare, Zimbabwe and Mr Cole will be there doing #HISTHANG

August sees him boogying it up for some wet and wild summer party, couple weddings and a lot more performances. The man owns a wedding dance company too so it won’t be easy getting him. If I were you I’d book him today for next year’s event.

If you’re in Cape Town start getting your ticket to the Miss Zimbabwe Diaspora now, coz JC will be making amazing things go down at the pageant. Unfortunately work couldn’t allow him to fly down for the Inception Fashion show on September 3.

Cole’s word to aspiring artists: “Hustle until you don’t get to introduce yourself no more, and when knowledge is just as simple as the word itself and you can’t give what you know to someone on the ledge, then it’s no use just knowledge so I say utilize and give what you know so you improve enhance enrich people’s lives.”

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Life may be going on smoothly for you sir and a few more people back in Zim, but we can’t ignore the horrible sate our country is in right now. Tell the people how you get by in such a situation and how you plan to help our country get better “Honestly am perfectly fine I manage to do all I want provide for family and do what I need to do as a father and husband plus choreographer. I intend on giving the youth and upcoming dancers and artists my knowledge and skills on how to be a brand and business entity to become self-sufficient individual in any industry, the rest we just do as we can when we can”

Well done sir, you can only get better, keep doing the great job.

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NCO-OO like father like son #theboyinblue

CAUTION LADIES! He may be cute, but he is taken.



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