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He is speaking prophetically, not politically

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By Baz Bhasera

What is the biblical position to the situation in Zimbabwe right now, given that Pastor Evan Mawarire has become the face of what is going on in the country right now?

Pastor Mawarire did not know that his messages – which many dismissed as mere rants in short videos – would get this far.

There is a general lack of understanding by Zimbabwean Christians today about how relevant Christianity should be to human life and the plight of the oppressed is apparent, even in our country today. It is unfortunate that some believe that because they are religious they have the right to sit this one out.

I am concerned about the lack of action and relevance of the Zimbabwean churches to its current generation and times. Where burying our heads in the sand is the easy, safe thing to do, and is driven more by self preservation and fear than biblical precedent.

What is the biblical position to the situation in Zimbabwe right now, given that Pastor Mawarire has become the face of many of the things that define our misery?

What action should the church take? What action should the politicians take? And what things should Christians participate in, given our context? The church governing leadership bodies like the EFZ , must have a position and a voice at this moment, to show the rest of the nation that Pastor Mawarire was not being overly radical in his actions but acting in a prophetic role.

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While I engaged in debate about current affairs with other church leaders this morning, I quote a fellow Reverend  who leads a church in Mutare who said ” I do take Evan Mawarire as speaking prophetically against the injustices of the state and not as a politician and I do believe there is room for civil disobedience when the state has become rogue and insensitive to the plight of those they are leading, Amos, Nahum and others spoke prophetically as thus says the Lord to the social ills of their times, thus I believe as the Church we have a role to play, though we may disagree on how we articulate and play that role.”

We as a nation did not know that we also could be this brave, as never seen before. What was a little spark has turned into history! And this day will forever be recorded as the day Zimbabweans spoke.

Some leaders have shown concern on the nature of platforms that are being used to speak, like Facebook and whats app or Twitter..and would rather call for closed door meetings to discuss the position of the church.

This does not make sense. a fellow church leader in Harare gave this contribution to the issue and said: “I find it disturbing that at such a time as this, with the gravity of the issues that our nation is facing, Pastors are debating about the appropriateness of which “platforms” to speak! What we are doing here is akin to the house being on fire and we are busy watering the garden! If we don’t speak now, then when? If not about this at such a time as this, then what about? If not here then where? It seems to me that such trivialities about platforms betray our failure to grasp the burden of being the Prophetic voice to the nation and to our churches.We are leaders, for goodness sake let us show leadership and give direction to the sheep of His pasture! That is called RELEVANCE!

I believe we have a tough road ahead of us as a nation and we all have a part to play as Zimbabweans, that includes the church.

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This has to stop being about the courage and voice of one man, but of all of us. Let me end by again quoting a fellow church leader who shared his own sentiments this morning. “I do not believe in this noncommittal of pastors who tried to hide behind spirituality. What is the point of talking about theology if it does not have any baring on our lives and what’s going on with the people that we care for.

Where do our people get guidelines and encouragement if we their pastors do not enlighten them on what God is saying to the nation’s Does God only talk about doctrine and does He not care about the plight of a his people?”

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Pastor Baz Bhasera is a columnist for Join the conversation, only at us

Pastor Bhasera is a theologian, teacher, leadership coach and author. He is a part-time guitarist, singer and song writer. The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of This article appeared at