The power behind Munyaradzi Nkomo’s strategic migration services

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Meet Munyaradzi Nyongolo Nkomo, who is owner and founder of Strategies Migration Services SA. He is nominated for the Young Upcoming Entreprenuer of the year award at this year’s Zimbabwe Excellence Awards.
This is what he said after he received news about this notification: As you know, Strategies Migration Services South Africa is a specialist immigration company offering solutions to individuals and businesses alike in the immigration space. I am a lawyer by profession, and whilst I was in practice I identified a growing need for this kind of service, especially with all the changes occurring in the immigration sphere in South Africa – and the idea for Strategies was birthed from there.

Strategies Migration Services SA started in February 2015 with approximately 20 clients in the first two months, and had grown the customer base to over 250 by end of the year.

Currently we have assisted more than 320 clients with various immigration matters and the distribution of clients has grown from just being Zimbabwean to several SADC countries, and in Europe and USA. The distribution, however, is still skewed towards Zimbabwean clientele.

In 2017 our focus will be on growing our market share in the SA immigration space as well as developing new products which will facilitate immigration to other popular countries such as such as the UK, USA and Australia. Our ultimate goal is to become one of Africa’s leading mobility companies within the next 10 years, offering relocation services across the world.

We are currently developing an online platform where our internal visa processes will be electronic and clients can have direct access to the system and track the progress of their applications. The aim is to make the company more efficient in its processes and allow for better supervision of matters and timeous visa facilitation.

Desire to leave a legacy and mark in this world

Ultimately, the system aims to improve the customer’s experience.

We have a social media marketing strategy which focuses on the key social medial sites, ie Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram. The strategy is to market our knowledge of SA immigration so as to generate interest in our services.

We have seen an increase in revenue by over 400 percent since we started marketing in this manner in march 2015 until now and from the first month to date and I can confidently attribute 90 percent of that growth to our marketing strategy. On facebook alone we have over 17 000 likes and on Linkedin we have more than 1113 followers.

I set annual goals, and then monthly, and weekly goals to achieve the overall goals. I then organise my staff towards reaching those goals. We work with a diary system to keep track of applications and work flow is distributed between our two offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town with strict timelines. As the business is still quite young, I am a very hands-on leader and all my staff report to me directly.

As far as the financial planning of the business is concerned, I of course, set the goals however, I recognise that I am a lawyer by profession so I have professionals in that area assist and advise me on budgeting, financial projections and financial planning for the business. As an entrepreneur I think it is important to realise that you cannot do it all on your own.

As I mentioned previously, I am a lawyer by training so I, therefore, adhere to the ethical standards of the profession even though I am not in practice. Being in the legal space generally means that we have to ensure compliance with all the laws and uphold high ethical standards.

We inform the client fully of the interventions being undertaken as well as any potential challenges. More importantly, our pricing is focused on providing quality service at affordable fees.

I am motivated by desire to leave a legacy and mark on this world. My vision is to establish my company as the leading and premier service provider in the global mobility space, and to leverage the networks developed in the business to create other opportunities for business.

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