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Never root against your opponent, but never root for him either


Zimbabwe Digital News

“I never rooted against an opponent, but I never rooted for him either…” so said the great Arnold Palmer.
These words had new meaning this week as four Brawlers, Ovid Chitsiku, Raymond Bombo, Munya Nyadzo and Don Chimhandamba did battle at Modderfontein.
While Palmer’s speech is now immortalised as one of the 21 most inspirational golf quotes of all time in GolfDigest, there was no love lost between these four, and this Brawl has now reached fever proportions come Fridays.
It is no secret that Ovid and Bombo have been play-betting for some time.

Throw in Munya and Don into the mix – and you have – as Palmer would have said, Brawlers: Not rooting against (their) opponents, but clearly not rooting for (them) either. Picture below.

Ultimately it was Munya who carried the day, and despite only managing a modest 11th position placement at the finish, his 25 points were enough to crown him “winner-takes-all”, leaving Ray trapped after his ball landed behind the trees, with Ovid and Don stranded in the foliage.

Earlier all four players landed in the bunker at the 7th at the same time. Don dug in his heels as usual, and came out, as did Ovid and Munya. Poor Ray tried to scoop his golf ball from the bunker, and the strangest thing happened at Modderfontein. The bunker moved. Yep, true story. And you read about it only in this newspaper.
For those who love trains, Modderfontein is the perfect place to drive your game, and at the same time you will spot the Gautrain cruise past on the rails, before your ball lands on the green.

Rabbits on course, black ones at that

Modderfontein is currently ranked in the top 100 golf courses in the country by GolfDigest. The course is laid out on loamy soil, and thus the ground itself is hard. But this being late winter, the ball travels further, no matter how you hit it.
Ngoni Munetsi top scored with 32, but it was a close finish as four Brawlers (Tau, Bright, PD and Shepherd) all ended the day on an impressive 31 points.
Ashley came in a point back with 30 points, Walter 29, Edwin 29 and Allister 27 concluded the top nine finish. The result card somehow did not show who came in at number 10. The rest of the field came in as follows: Munya 25, Taps 25, Daniel 24, Taona 23, Willard 22 and Ray 21.
Gerry put Parkview behind him this week and finished a credible 17th place with 20 points, in tie with Ovid. Simpson 19, Rob 18, Don 17, Tendai 16, Oliver 14 and Frank could only manage 12 points as he played 9 holes.
Strange things happen on the golf course, but there is no doubt that Modderfontein is the ultimate golf hideaway. This golf course dates back to 1894 but it was around 1990 that the terrain was redesigned by Hugh Baiocchi, with 7 dams and 12 meandering streams to ensure enough water supplies all year round.
Today it boasts 12 holes where water is in play – whether directly in front of the greens or parallel to the fairways. Each of the 18 holes has it’s own unique feature.
And unlike Parkview, there are no black rabbits here. (see below)


Every sport has it’s superstitions and golf is no exception.  We’re not alone in this – there are plenty of golfers with strange superstitions. But Zimbabwe Digital News was not prepared for the rabbits that make up the critters at Parkview. And black ones for that matter.

Here’s the picture.


While it’s fun to get laughs from superstitions, ultimately they can benefit players. And golf columnists as well. This is definitely a topic for another day.
Raphael and Khanyile tied on on 40 points, but Raphael’s top spot was confirmed on a count out. Allister came in 3rd with 37, Raymond (who was on a matchup with Ovid) came in with 33, and Farai was number 5 on 32 points.
Julius, PD Musika, B Hove and Leeroy all tied at 31 points, and Terry came in at number 10 with 28. Martin, Willard, and Oliver all tied on 27 points, Ovid ended on 22 points, and the shock result was man of the moment Taps who dropped his form and ended the day on 22 points.
Thulani ended on 20 on a day where the team was depleted by absentees, and Gerry lost his ball on the hill, drove a few wayward balls, and decided to quit the game totally, long before reaching the 16th.