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George Munetsi and Vuyokazi Tshaya’s Dololo re-live the vibe of the Brenda Fassie era


By Mashudu Kenneth Sadike

Imagine this? A voice so sultry that it evokes emotions you never thought you had in you. You listen to the music, and you rediscover yourself.

Vuyokazi Tshaya is one South African artist who, in her last offering in a form of a five-track Extended Play (EP) record, titled Vuka, managed to blow listeners away, completely.

With that kind of exceptional work she has now teamed up with award-winning radio DJ, vocalist, Zimbabwean-born George Munetsi in what this column would say – without doubt – that Africa has been missing since the heady days of the Black Madonna, Brenda Fassie’s era.

The two, collaborating under the banner of Induna Production, have come up with a cheeky entitled song Dololo, meaning unworthy or null.

The song infuses Zulu and Shona lyrics beautifully, and explores relationship of inequalities, where a successful woman is in love with a broke man, and she tries hard (in voice) to validate and reassure him of the commitment to their relationship.
But this is at a time when her community and family are suspicious about the status of the relationship.

“It’s one of those songs that have the hallmarks of a timeless wedding or party classics. It’s in the genre of Afro-pop which we seem to have moved away from just for the sake of it, and yet at wedding and parties we still dance to these kind of tunes and most of those songs are old. So here’s a new one to spice up your old collection of wedding party tunes,” said Munetsi, who has recently left Kaya FM after a record 20 years in broadcasting.

Broadcasting is seasonal, and I had reached the end of my season

On being quizzed why he decided to leave Kaya the radio presenter-turned-muso said that he had reached the end of radio season, and it was time to go and make a success of other ventures, like his music.

“I am working on an album, or should I say I been working on one for the past I don’t know how many years. But doing music full time? I am not sure about that. If there’s enough demand for the music, if I get called to other countries like Zimbabwe to perform then it might help me to make up my mind. We’ll play it by ear” the veteran broadcaster said.

Munetsi’s duet with Tshaya on Dololo also coincides with both artists working on full albums.

Munetsi’s album was launched at the beginning of September and we wait with unabated breath the release of Tshaya’s album in the next couple of months. Tshaya could not hide her excitement about working with Munetsi on this project.

“No words can describe how great it has been, not only have we recorded the song together with Georgie but we have been performing it and the energy I get from just performing the song with him is so amazing,” said Tshaya.

She also believes that the song is relevant in these days as real love should not be measured by a fat bank account. “The love that our grandparents had, still exists. Love conquered all then, hence the low divorce rate among people from previous generations. With Dololo we want to relive all this,” said Tshaya.

Next up is the planning to shoot the video of the single. The song Dololo is available on all online music stores.



George Munetsi’s duet with Vuyokazi Tshaya on Dololo also coincides with both artists working on full albums.



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