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Ready golf takes effect, and Ovid Chitsiku plays steady to take the honours at Firethorn


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Ovid Chitsiku confounded his critics, and surprised himself with a rare top 41-point finish at Randpark Firethorn this week.

Not given a chance in a strong field, Chitsiku played steady throughout, and despite spirited competition from Ray Bombo, Don Chimhandamba and Taps Chisango, the diminutive Ovid raced ahead from the start, and never gave up on his scorecard advantage, emerging grand winner of the day, and complete with a good share of the winners loot.

Chitsiku came out praising the good life of Randpark, the club which was founded during the wartime in the 1940s following the recruitment of an initial 123 members, 71 men and 52 ladies.

Then (the history books will show) a certain Piet Vosloo, the chairman of the Windsor Park Limited, had a vision of creating a golf club to cater for the communities in the northern suburbs, including Northcliff and Linden.

Today the Firethorn is marketed as the ultimate urban golf destination on par-with-excellence, and is ranked the 3oth best course of the top 450 golf courses in South Africa.

Many golfers make a game of comparing this patch with the adjacent Bushwillow on the south side, but avid players are in their element at Firethorn because of the extra length, prodigious bunkering and a plentiful array of water hazards.

But our Ovid was in no mood to discuss course layout this week, as he proved that there is plenty of good golf in him, with or without good surroundings. His only comment to Zimbabwe Digital News: “It is a gentleman’s game, this,” he said.

Adjusting play in line with Ready Golf

Raphael finished a credible second with 38 points, Taps came in third with 36, Tau 4th with 34 and Allistair rounded off the top five finish with 33 points.

With major changes taking place on the fairways, and with all the players now forwarned that Ready Golf will become the order of the day come 2019, it was fascinating to watch how the Brawlers Golf Society community is adjusting to the way golf should be played nowadays – and how the game will be played in two years time.

Many a concern is shared about the time that is wasted on the field, and how some players deliberately waste time on the greens.

Bearing in mind that the Brawlers are sometimes criticised for the amount of time that its takes the field to play 18 holes, our players have been gradually adopting the required etiquette in the rule books, in order to play Ready Golf.

Slow play is a problem on the course and if the players who started in the morning spill over into late starts, then if affects those guys who are coming behind, and forces play into longer rounds in the afternoon.

Many a time the group ahead is boringly wasting time.

A guy is trying to find his lost ball. Another – even after holing – will  run around celebrating and high fiv-ing before taking time explaining his skill to his mates, and pointing to how he holed it. All the while the group behind is waiting in exasperation. It is a genuine problem.

Rob Mhishi, who finished top on a c/o last week at Houghton, managed a good 31 this week and it was enough for him to finish at number 6, a spot that he shared with Desire and Hillary who finished on the same number of points.
Don came in tied at number nine on 30 points, with PD Msika to round off the top ten finish.

Martin was 11th with 29, Oliver 12 with 28, Fuyane tied 13th spot with Walter on 27 points and Albert finished 15th with 26 points. The rest of the field finished with Taona with 22, Ray 20, Washy 17, Robin 16, Benjamin 15, Ranga 14 and Jerry on 7.

LD #2 Ray
LD #4 Desire
LD #14 Allistair
LD #12 Tau

Ntp 8th Raphael
Ntp 17th Oliver
Ntp 5 Ben
Ntp 15th Tau


From left: Ovid Chitsiku, Don Chimhandamba, Ray Bombo and Taps Chisango pose for a picture at the end of the game at Firethorn this week. Picture: Zimbabwe Digital News



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