The Brawlers Golf Society: Brought together by the spirit of oneness, and love for the game

By Tau Nkomo

Former president Rob, my predecessor Washington, founding captain Don, members I served with in the last committee, Terry, Simba and Ray and all existing members, I’m deeply humbled to be here today, writing to you as the Brawlers captain.
I don’t know what was seen in me to be regarded worthy of this respected position, but what I know is that the job ahead is not an easy one.
I am here to serve, obviously I can’t do it on my own. My current team, Ray and Walter, Brawlers has survived this far, those who led before, and with us have proved themselves, their achievements speak for themselves.
We should carry the dream forward, improve where we can but never deteriorate the attained standards.
As for you members, there’s an equally demanding task for you.
Brawlers is our club together, there cannot be a club without members.
Your participation, in terms of game attendance, game sponsorships, new members’ invitations, new ideas and constructive criticism where necessary will see us grow from strength to strength.
As the founding captain always says, golf on its own is expensive, so we remain a club that does not have joining fees or subscriptions, once you play a game with us you become a member or even sitting with us for a drink (you should be the one buying though) (jokes).
I would like to say kudos to Washy, you are a true captain, President. I have learnt so much from you, especially leadership skills, at times you even gave me business ideas. I respect you.
Former president Rob, you are a true leader, your ideas and guidance have kept us going thus far. Enough respect.
Don, founding captain. I admire your eagerness to keep the Brawlers spirit alive, we won’t let you down
All members, brought together by the spirit of oneness and love of the game, keep it up.
At this point, I would like to appoint Alistair as the Vice Organising Secretary and Ovid to the position of Vice Treasurer. I believe in you guys, let’s stand united till we hand over the reins to the next leaders. Happy Brawling.

Tau Nkomo is Captain of the Brawlers Golf Society.





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