Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

Cape Town rises to the occasion, and toasts Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi a happy 65th birthday in style


By Darlington Taste and Zimbabwe Digital News

Zimbabwe global music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi celebrated his 65 birthday in style at the Arts Cape Auditorium this week, and left the large crowd of concert goers in Cape Town screaming and shouting for more of the Tuku performance.
Zimbabweans in Cape Town from all walks of life packed into Arts Cape in expectation, but sadly hundreds more were turned away at the gates as the show was sold out a day before the event. But for those who squeezed themselves into the auditorium, Tuku proved, without doubt, that his claim to superstardom, is natural talent.
Sixty-five years is good earnings for this veteran of Zimbabwean, and world music, his every move, string, cough or piece of dance action was met with ululation, whistling, clapping and appreciation as the legend belted out some of his long-time classics, and the crowd loved it.
In one of his most appreciated choreography, Mtukudzi featured his wife Daisy in a cameo performance, but it was the impromptu appearance of a guest white lady who gave a masterful rendition of the iconic song Neria, and to the good she sang the eponymous song in Shona, much to the intoxicated joyousness of the crowd.

Daisy Mtukudzi cameo perfomance

Neria is the title track of the official soundtrack of the blockbuster movie released in 1993, which speaks about the struggles of a woman in the suburb of Warren Park, Harare, when she is widowed after her husband is killed in an accident.
Mtukudzi himself starred in the movie as Jethro, Neria’s brother. The song is sung from the perspective of the brother to his sister, to comfort her through the difficult period she is going through. Many versions have since been performed throughout the continent and beyond.
Top music promoter Tongai Mbidzo of Xtratime Entertainment went up to the stage to hand over the 65th birthday cake to Tuku on stage, and the crowd rose in appreciation.
Immediately after that the Mbidzo made a joke that Tuku: “…should accept that he is now an old man, complete with the accompanying facial features,” adding: “Bvuma kusakara”.
Organisers said that Mtukudzi’s show in Cape Town was a continuation of the superstar’s year-long events marking his 65th birthday which kicked of at the star’s Pakare Paya base in Norton earlier in the year.
So many among the Zimbabwean contingent in the audience had come to the Arts Cape Auditorium with two motives: to join up Tuku celebrate his birthday as well as celebrate the beginning of what appears to be a new political era in Zimbabwe.
It was indeed a double celebration. Many flags were brought to the auditorium and some refused to leave the premises but remained in the foyer rather listening to his beats and original sound while enjoying their drinks than going home.
There are however reports that Tuku might get back to Cape Town in a bigger venue soon. We saw people of all races dance in the main auditorium. The audience was so blown off with his remarkable and original dances.

Darlington Taste from GMT Photography was the Official Photographer of the event.

Social pictures at Arts Cape Auditorium








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