Bulawayo stop for dotAfrica’s flag journey towards Mt Kilimanjaro

The roadshow began this week after the team left Midrand on a north-westerly direction through Botswana and was expected to arrive in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe this week.


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Prior to this roadshow that signals the start of the trek to Kilimanjaro, the .africaflag’s story began when it was officially handed over to the .africa Team in the Nelson Mandela Plenary Hall at the African Union (AU) Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July 2017.

From this venerable venue, the flag began making its way through the different regions that represent all AU member states and they included East, West, North and Southern Africa.

All of this has been to launch the new .africa geographic Top Level Domain (gTLD) to the people and continent of Africa.

See link: http://zimbabwedigitalnews.com/2017/11/19/unathis-brand-ambassadorship-to-take-africa-domain-expedition-to-the-top-of-africa/

The roadshow began this week after the team left Midrand on a north-westerly direction through Botswana and was expected to arrive in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe today.

From the City of Kings, the team will rest for a while before setting on, on through to Chinhoyi, and Kariba before crossing the border into Zambia, and on the way to Lusaka.

This weekend the team will leave Lusaka take a north-easterly direction for Serenje, prior to visiting a series of Tanzanian towns and cities, starting with Tunduma on January 8.

The towns of Makambako, Iringa and Dodoma will all play host to the .africa team before they arrive in the Tarangire National Park on or around January 12.

The next day, the team should be at the Marangu Base Camp, with a few contingency days to spare.

After a brief rest the.africa flag will start its epic journey up Kilimanjaro on January 16.

After climbing the mountain for about seven days, the team should summit on January 23, from where they will make the return journey to base camp two days later, having achieved a milestone of which the whole continent of Africa can be proud.

Following a successful Kilimanjaro summit, the roadshow will culminate at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia at the Heads of States Summit on 28 and 29 January 2018 where the .africa flag will be returned to its home.

All of this signifies the beginning of promoting the use of the .africa domain name in pursuit of African unity, peace and prosperity.

According to Registry Africa CEO, Lucky Masilela: “The Kilimanjaro summit attempt is a fantastic example of like-minded Africans working together to achieve a common goal.

Just as the eventual commercial launch of .africa was an example of Africans overcoming enormous odds in the quest to better their lives through a unique online identity, so too is this historic trek by the .africa team.”

Registry Africa is grateful to the African Union Commission (AUC) for its unwavering support throughout the long journey that began as far back as the OR Tambo and Abuja Declarations where it was resolved to use Information Communication Technology to ensure the development of Africa.

“It is now time to create the next chapter in the .africa story as the general public begins contributing to Africa’s development each time they register a .africa domain name.” said Mr Masilela.

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