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Zororo-Phumulani laptop project boost for top Zimbabwean students in South Africa


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At least 20 Zimbabwean students in the class of 2017 who nailed their matric, and qualified to go to university this year will receive top-designer laptops in recognition of their excellence in education, and in honour of the global quest to transform lives and knowledge in the 21st century.
Zororo Phumulani co-founder Edwin Anderson told Zimbabwe Digital News this week that Zororo Phumulani would be rewarding the 20 deserving students by province.
Four top-performing Zimbabwean students in Gauteng will be rewarded with the laptops, three will be chosen from the Western Cape, three from KwaZulu Natal, and two each from the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West. One student will be chosen from Northern Cape and Free State.
“We are always varying the promotions that we give to our valued clients and customers, as we have to respond to different scenarios. We used to give away travelling bags at one point, and we have also given away satellite dishes.”
“We have also run campaigns for people to win free airtime if they refer a prospective client to us. There was a time when we were sponsoring the music charts of the top artists in Zimbabwe. There is no limit to what one can do with innovative marketing campaigns, and Zororo-Phumulani always keeps ahead of the news, especially what we learn from our clients posting on facebook and other swocial media.”
“We even developed cutting-edge business solutions to our data systems through listening to what the clients are querying, and our technological business solutions are way ahead of most of our competitors.”

Trendy gadgets to aid education in a world of technology

“But January is a busy time in all sectors of education. This is a life changing experience as the matric class students of 2017 enter universities and tertiary education institutions. Our aim is to enrich the receipients with these new laptops in order to equip the students with top gadgets in technology. One cannot emphasise enough the role that a good laptop will go in assisting a new university student in order to organise his or her academic life, and study programme,” Anderson said.
Zororo Phumulani, which is powered by Doves Zimbabwe, is one of the top funeral service providers plying the lucrative South Africa/SADC corridor.
The company, which is an authorised financial services provider, now offers some of the most affordable funeral policy covers for funeral and body repatriation services from as little as R59 per month, but with a range of benefits.
Hundreds of migrant workers and/or their close friends and relatives die in South Africa per month, and funeral companies have emerged in the financial services sector, offering a range of products for the market.
Anderson said that his company had to stay ahead of the corporate industry standards, as competition for death and insurance policies was tough, with many traditional and established companies maintaining a strangle-hold on the ground with top class products and offerings.
Some insurance firms have huge media and marketing budgets. Ordinary people and prospective clients are constantly bombarded by funeral services, and call centre agents, offering a range of funeral cover policies and benefits. Therefore a different business approach was needed to keep clients and customers satisfied.
At the same time new competition and entrants were entering the field on a daily basis, meaning that Zororo-Phumulani had to be innovative in its media and marketing, as well as corporate social investment initiatives, hence the idea to adopt a campaign called Rewarding of the 2017 Matric Class laptop project, publicised on all media.
Anderson’s tenure as reigning Zimbabwe Excellence awards businessman of the year ends in April when a new businessman of the year will be crowned in April.
“We are now calling upon anyone whose child or relative has done exceptionally well in the class of 2017 and tonominate the top Zimbabwean students who scored really good results to send their details to our adjudicators.”
“As soon we have collated the results, we will write another press release and share it on our social media. We will announce the winners of the laptops (as soon as the university registrations are finalised, say end of January,” Anderson said.
All results and a letter of admission at a higher institution should be emailed to: or call 0814194980.


Brian Vito and Edwin Anderson at the Zororo-Phumulani offices. The company announced this week that it would be rewarding 20 deserving Zimbabwean students in South Africa by province, getting them to ease into tertiary education.


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