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#Unflinching figures: One giant step to empower the Zimbabwean girl child


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1. Who is Precious Melody Muswandigere?

Precious is a 26 year old Zimbabwean lady. Comes from a small town called Norton in Zimbabwe but is based in Cape Town, South Africa. After having grown up in a broken home, I am very passionate about women empowerment and equipping the girl child.

2. What inspired you to undertake a sanitary pads, panties, bras project?

As I have already stated, I grew up in a broken family. Life was not easy to the extent that having sanitary pads was considered a luxury. I remember having to look for any cloth laying around the house most people would be familiar with the word ma zambia having to cut them out so as to just make the days go by. This was not easy at all as I was not able to take part in any sport with the fear that the cloth might just fall off. Reminiscing such memories, this is something I do not wish for anyone to go through and hence I have decided to do something about it.

3. The 2000: is it single items?

2000 is just a figure to work with, but not necessarily a cut off number. The more collections we get the more girls we will cover.

4. What do you mean #unflinchingfigures?

I have a facebook page, rather an online movement that I have started where I write blogs to just encourage women and young ladies. Just as the word unflinching means unshakeable, it is just a way to say that regardless of our circumstances as women, we will continue to stand firm.

5. Have you considered to work of some forerunners in these sort of initiatives. Ngugi Vere is one example. What do you think of such campaigns and how are they different from yours?

We all look up to people who have done things ahead of ourselves. I so much appreciate the work Ngugi is doing. It is profound and hats off to him. Our campaigns are similar and it would be ideal if all of us ran with the concept, and help reach a greater area of Zimbabwe with this initiative

6. Who are you expecting to donate?

I am appealing to companies, NGO’s and individuals to donate and so far I have had people coming through with stuff and I am truly grateful.

7. Wavelearning Academy?

Wave Learning Academy is an independent college based in Maitland, Cape Town.They have assisted with the marketing collateral, donation of items and their gist of sponsorship is the same as mine. That is to restore the dignity of the girl child.

8. The general status of the 9-18 year-olds in Zimbabwe, rural areas in particular.

Because of the current economical challenges that the country is going through, these young girls are vulnerable when it comes to the their sanitary needs on a day to day basis. Having identified this problem that is how I came up with this campaign for our girls not to miss days at school, and sporting activities when it is that time of the month.

9. How did I arrive to the date of end of March?

The campaign is ongoing. However, just to monitor the progress we had to set some deadlines. Setting targets from time to time for motivational purposes.

10. How will you choose the provinces/districts/areas that you are going to donate the consignments?

As the campaign is ongoing the dream is to supply pads nationwide at some point. The drop off points will be at schools mainly. We are still in the process of identifying the schools at the point as we have a few individuals on the ground who are assisting with the ground checks.

11. Is this a once-off project? How will you judge the success, and if it is successful, will you roll it off to other areas of need?

The success of the of the project will be judged by reaching the anticipated targets, contributions as well as donors partipation in the project. This is an ongoing project and once this is done we will move to the next phase of the campaign.

12. Ten things that people do not know about Precious Melody?

– Precious is a goal driven, grounded and optimistic young lady
– She believes that if you commit your works to the Lord as written in Proverbs 16:3 Your thoughts will be established. Without surrendering it all to Christ all that we do will be in vain.
– Passionate about women empowerment
– A member of Toast Masters Cape Town
– She is a blogger:
– She has a Youtube channel: (Precious Melody)
– She loves music and is part of New Season Worship and Grace Chapter Church worship team
– She loves working out and does this religiously
– She is a natural at event planning
– I look up to the likes of Juanita Bynum, Oprah Winfrey and my Pastor Dan Zimuwandeyi their tenacity tells me that you can become who ever you want to be in life as long as you put your all to it.

13. Social Media

Currently the campaign is on instagram, facebook and I have people sharing on whatsapp as well. The pink on the label basically shows the femininity of the project. It also symbolises universal love of oneself and of others. The red is associated with strength, power, determination and passion and the map is marked as such because I believe if it is about time that we rise as Africans with passion and determination to show the strength and power we possess inside. We appreciate all the social media support that we have received so far, and we shall definitely be reaching out to such platforms as this one, to reach more readers, and more people than those in our immediate locals.


Precious loves music and is part of New Season Worship and Grace Chapter Church worship team. Contact her on 081 772 7442, or catch her at or on Youtube


Wave Learning Academy is an independent college based in Maitland, Cape Town.They have assisted with the marketing collateral, donation of items and their gist of sponsorship is the same as mine.


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