Flames of Praise back Edmore Mazungunye in bemoaning plight of Zimbabwe diaspora

Edmore Mazungunye's new song, Zimbabwe, where he is backed by the Flames of Praise, is causing quite a stir on social media.


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Zimbabweans in Cape Town, and throughout the diaspora are dancing to Edmore Mazungunye’s new song: Zimbabwe. And they are they are doing so for a reason.
The upbeat-gospel piece, and performed with Mazungunye’s Flame of Praise band, is full of emotion in lyrics, but the musicianship in the song itself will leave Zimbabweans in diaspora wondering about how much more they will suffer before they see the promised land: Zimbabwe.
“There is a bit of everything in this, but for those who always thought that my music is all about gospel, then after you listen to this release, you will think again. We have mixed everything, talking about how we, as Zimbabweans, are a nation of educated people, busy designing roads and infrastructure in other countries, but our own country is full of potholes,” Mazungunye told Zimbabwe Digital News.
The song and video, which was produced by Zondex TV Media, features Mazungunye in his element, explaining in song, and lamenting the challenges diasporanic Zimbabweans have faced, are facing, and will continue to face in foreign lands, though the baseline of the social descriptions in the music fit those Zimbabweans living in South Africa.
“It pains me that at one point our country Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Africa and we used to host other African countries in Zimbabwe with love and harmony. But it’s now an issue and danger for us Zimbabweans to live in South African where are called names like Makwerekwere,” his lyrics read.
“Most of are educated with degrees , but in these foreign lands we work as garderners and house maids. (Ndokusaka ndirikuimba ndichiti taneta nekukoroba mudzimba dzevamwe Mwari ma degree arikumadziro)
(That is why I’m singing that we are tired of cleaning the floors in other people’s houses while are certificates and trade papers are framed and hanging on the walls…)
The song goes on to say: Mwari makatipa zvipo zvekushanda nemaoko asi simba redu roperera kuvaka nyika yevamwe yedu izere ma potholes (Zimbabwe are working very hard hard, day and night in roads, in farms etc)
“And we all have to be blamed anything that goes wrong. You will hear in the townships people saying that all their problems and troubles, it is because if these makwerekwere. Ndopandakaimba kuti pazvinonetsa zvemunyika yekwavo kana kuti mari dzevanopuhwa kurera vana hasha dzavo vapedzera kwatiri. (Remember the xenophobic attacks)

No currency in Zimbabwe

(Thats why I was singing that when there are problems, for instance the social grants issues, we are even blamed for those kinds of things)
I continue by saying: Hatina kana mari inodanwa nezita redu (we do not even have a currency in our country) it’s a situation that has gone for ever now in Zimbabwe, and the issue of the currency has brought more calamity in our economic growth so my song is a prayer for God to send the holy spirit to come to our rescue.
It is also a pain in my heart that many Zimbabweans die in foreign lands and are buried here as paupers because we can’t afford to carry the body for burial in Zimbabwe. Our parents dying in Zimbabwe and are buried in our absence due to the fact that we cannot afford to travel, the documents to travel are a nightmare for many of the diaspora Zimbabweans. Tosvika musha wagova matongo Mwari. (We will get to Zimbabwe one day to find only ruins at our homes)
Ndokutendaii naBaba Magaya, Baba Makandiwa, Baba Guti (thank you Baba Magaya, thank you Baba Makandiwa, thank you Baba Guti) why because these man of God have brought some economic benefits in our country like people visiting from other countries to attend their church services. That translates to foreign currency coming in, they also created jobs to some of our youths in the country.
Ndakatoitarisa izvezvi: zimbabwe yakatipa dzidzo, asi nhasi tirikungo korobha…makatipa zvipo zvekuwaka, asi nhasi nyika yedu yakazara ma potholes…mweya mutsvene huya ubatsire nyika yedu…hatina kana mari inodana zita redu…tiri munyika yevamwe kudai, hasha dzawo vopedzera kwatiri…tiripa mhirizhonga bvonga mupopoto….wabereki wopera kumusha, tosvika misha yave matongo…and at the end gwara-gwara dance by the Flames of Praise band.

The song, which is causing quite a stir on social media, has been shared and viewed thousands of times, and Mazungunye said that he was already in the studio working on his next projects which he promised that they would be turned into block busters.



Edmore Simbarashe Mazungunye & Flame of Praise's latest video about Zimbabwe and its nationals in the Diaspora.

Posted by Zondex Tv on Tuesday, 20 March 2018



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