2018 Johannesburg Zimbabwe Achievers Awards: All the winners

Emmanuel Charumbira, Frank Thema, Martin Ncube, Joy Mpariwa, Rob Mhishi, Taya Mutongoreya, Vimbai Kanyonganise, Allan Chimhandamba, Shepard Mpambela and Don Chimhandamba collect the award for DIDG


By Jonisayi Maromo

THE NEW dispensation in Harare needs the buy-in and investment of millions of Zimbabweans who left the country and settled elsewhere, particularly the multitudes resident in neighbouring South Africa, if the vision of turning around the Zimbabwean economy is to be realised, Zimbabwe consul-general Henry Mukonoweshuro told expatriates in Johannesburg.
Addressing a glitzy Zimbabwe Achievers Awards ceremony in Johannesburg on Saturday night, Mukonoweshuro appealed to Zimbabweans based in South Africa to seriously consider moving back and investing in their motherland, now led by President Emerson Mnangagwa.
“As we meet today, in the new dispensation, as we called it since last November, the government of Zimbabwe is very proud. We, as the representatives of the government of Zimbabwe are very proud to say as you toil, as you make names in these foreign lands, you should now start looking north of the Limpopo (River). As the president (Mnangagwa) always says, his mantra – Zimbabwe is now open for business,” said Mukonoweshuro.
“It (Zimbabwe) is indeed open for business, mostly from the diasporans. You will recall a Zimbabwe that you left probably 15, 20, or 35 years ago, and I think you are still yearning for a return to that Zimbabwe.
“With the experience that you have gained, with the synergies that you have created in these developed countries, I think you can team up, look north, and say let us trek back together, let us go back and build that Zimbabwe which gave us education, which gave us basic skills,” he said.
Founded in 2010 by Conrad Mwanza, the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards have different chapters in various counties, including the US, the UK and South Africa, where millions of Zimbabweans relocated, escaping decades of economic meltdown and political turmoil during the iron-fisted rule of former president Robert Mugabe.

“We are slow, as Africans, to take up and pick up opportunities

Zimbabwean business mogul Justice Maphosa cautioned that Zimbabweans based in foreign countries could miss out on economic opportunities in their own nation if they did not heed their government’s call, as other nationalities, particularly South Africans, were now intensifying trade and investment in Zimbabwe.
“We are slow, as Africans, to take up and pick up opportunities, almost to the point of fear, almost to the point of a wait and see attitude… we wait for the Chinese, British, Americans, Canadians, Australians to start it and show us. Let me give you an example – how many South Africans are investing in Zimbabwe now?
“Get into the planes now, and see who is investing in Zimbabwe. Many of those people (travelling to Zimbabwe) are not there for holidays, they are there to see if it is believable,” said Maphosa.

The businessman urged his compatriots to invest back home. “I would say anyone who has got even a five cents of business worth in himself should go and invest in Zimbabwe. The country Zimbabwe offers a premium that very few African countries offer.
“Let me take you back – what was Rwanda in 1994, or even before the genocide?
“It was nothing and nobody. What is Rwanda today? They have just hosted the African Union and they have held it successfully, meaning they have got infrastructure.”
For building a massive business empire in South Africa, his philanthropy initiatives, and founding the Big Time Strategic Group SA, Maphosa received a special recognition accolade from the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards team. – African News Agency (ANA)

All the winners and achievers:

Lifetime Achievement – Oliver Mtukudzi
Lifetime Achievement – Hugh Masekela
Largest Enterprise of the Year – DIDG – Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group
SME of the Year – Urban Grown Organics
Male Entrepreneur of the Year – Tapiwa Njikizana
Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Susan Granger
Professional of the Year – Sibonile Dube
Academic Excellence – Dr. M Chapwanya
Community Champion – Phephelaphi Dube
Community Organisation – Young Women in Business
Young Achiever – Shamiso Kumbirai
Event of the Year – Oliver Mtukudzi Live in Capetown
Media Personality – Kim Jayde and Ancillar Mangena
Music Artist – Nadia Nakai
Sports Personality – Elvis “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo
People’Choice – Oliver Keith aka NaJesca
Special Recognition Award: Donovan Chimhandamba DIDG



Rabison Shumba, Tytan The One and Olinda Chapel. Picture: Facebook



Chiedza Mhende, Bonnie Chimanikire, Mbo Mahocs. Picture: Facebook



Diane Deadol, Bonnie Chimanikire and Mbo Mahocs. Picture: Facebook



Zimbabwe consul-general Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro. Picture: Milicent Chanetsa


Superstar Oliver Mutukudzi. Picture: Milicent Chanetsa


Conrad Mwanza and Justice Maphosa. Picture: Milicent Chanetsa


Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro and Thandi Modise. Picture: Milicent Chanetsa


Journalist Mthokozisi Dube,  Conrad Mwanza (middle) and Milicent Chanetsa. Picture: Supplied


Kim Jayde. Picture: Facebook


Joseph Hunda. Picture: Facebook



Conrad Mwanza. Picture: Facebook



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