We respect the Zimbabwe War Veterans, but truth is: Zimbabwe is in turmoil

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, MDC spokesperson


By Linda Tsungirirai Masarira


The MDC-T notes with great concern the turmoil our nation is in. As a party which is underpinned by constitutionalism, nonviolence and nondiscrimination, we condemn the reckless and irresponsible statements uttered by the War Veterans this week.

War veterans should respect Zimbabweans and their divergent views. We expect positive contributions towards reconstruction and rebuilding of Zimbabwe rather than threatening innocent Zimbabweans.
Constitutionalism is our distinguishing principle, which is inspired by Zimbabweans desire for justice, respect for the rule of law and accountability.

The struggle for justice is beyond self interest as leaders including MDC-Alliance leaders or even ZANU-PF but it’s for  national interest and posterity of Zimbabwe.

As the MDC-T, we have remained true to our principles and have always played the constitutionalism card since our country has always been in a state of a constitutional crisis since 1980.

No sector is more Zimbabwean than the other including war veterans.

While we differ with MDC-A on some matters we believe Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Robert Mugabe are citizens with full political rights as enshrined in the constitution and they should be allowed to enjoy their constitutional right without fear or favour.

We do not accept comparing Marikana with Harare cold blood murders by the army. African blood should not be shed for political expediency neither should it be wasted in supposedly democratic countries.
Zimbabwe is founded on the respect of the supremacy of the constitution, rule of law, fundamental human rights, recognition of and respect of the liberation struggle as enshrined in section 3 of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

We are calling upon all stakeholders of Zimbabwe that is political parties, war veterans, social movements and the electorate to abide to the principles and values of our constitution in our quest to foster unity in our diversity, peace and stability.

No one deserves to die for holding a differing political opinion or to be insulted for subscribing to a different political ideology.

We are calling for all Zimbabweans to respect the due process of the law despite the reservations some people might have. Tolerance in our diversity is key at this juncture of electoral conflict.

To the contrary of propaganda doing the rounds on social media, MDC-T President Dr Thokozani Khupe did not endorse 2018 harmonized elections as free and fair. We also have our own reservations and complaints have been lodged with ZEC.

The MDC-T will abide to whatever verdict the constitutional court will pass. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all Zimbabweans and work tirelessly to ensure sustainable human development.


Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, MDC-T National Secretary for Information and Publicity.


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