Padziva concept changes the game for Zimbabwe’s female performers

Diana Elisha Nheera enjoys the good food at Padziva, but it was the performences by some of Zimbabwe's woman performers that carried the day this week.


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At least 20 women artists played their hearts out in Harare this week at Padziva concept which seeks to break the stranglehold on male-dominated performances in Zimbabwe

The Padziva concept was founded by Jive Store to enhance and promote ladies and female performers to showcase their talents to Zimbabwe, and to the world at large. The concept was launched on 29 Sept 2018 at Padziva.

Performances were exceptional every artist gave it their all, you could literally touch their passion. Each artist brought her own band to back her up in the performances.

Jive is a Zimbabweans arts promotion organisation whose drive is to help  local performers achieve success both locally and globally.  According to one of the officials Sam Mhlanga Padziva had already formed partnerships with strategic stakeholders to drive content creation in performance productions.

” Our strength is digital marketing and distribution where most of our artists still need assistance to thrive on these platforms. We are the content provider of choice for Buddie Beatz, One Music, and Teletunes. To that end we expose artists to such platforms.”

“#ONEBIGPARTY a platform/concept by Jive brings people, celebrities, organizations together in celebrations of milestones, eg birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Here’s the full list of the performers who showcased their talents:

1. Edith WeUtonga
2. Wanai
3. Ammi Jamanda
4. Diana Samkange
5. Vedu
6. Rutendo
7. Mel B
8. Lady Vicious
9. Tete Pipilo
10. Sasha
11. Pauline
12. Dj Lioness
13. Queen Kadhja
14. Music Crossroad Female Band
15. Tendai Chimombe
16. Caychi
17. Alice


Here are some of the highlights from Padziva










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