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WaChikepe: The Legend: 100 Sailors, and counting

All they do is: They sell lies


1. The journey of growing up

I thought it was all
Little did I know
It was otherwise
Hmmmm let me say the weirdest
Dream I woke up to
One day it all changed to give me
The real awakening of what it was
Reality struck me like a flash of an electric current.
Roses is what I fantasized
Until I had to realise my path is full of
Thorns of thrones
L,ike being dropped in a desert
On bare foot as I walk to try and
And Get to the nearest shadow
A shadow of a cactus tree
Where I couldn't even lean to …
They told me its all gonna be welll
Well? How can it be when I got so lost
Confused with the demands of it all
I later realised
Somehow it could have too late
To know that to walk this
And make everything make sensible.
I had to be strong in WHO I say I am
Know what I really don't needed
Because my wants actually got me lost.
Lost iin a jungle full of selfish egos

I had to man up and pull up
My heart's pants and my mind's confidence
Nothing could come easy
It was all clothed in rugged dirty
My pride wouldn't win me any
I had to stoep low to grind
To unravel, unpack the rarest jewel
Truly it wasn't all I thought it was
No pain NO gain
That is the story of it
Now I am up ready to fight my way home.
© Frankinspire

2. Money

I am the unquenchable
The immortal diet
Neither rubies nor metals
Can outweigh my value
Yet I am just a paper
In my name
Most have lost their lives.
Dedicated to me,
Men savaged his planet
Me in his pocket
So much he is fearsome
Miserable and disgraceful,
My existence is made
Day and night, I perish
Evil ways, I am sought
Yet I am here for all

Mr. Gutuza, By von de gafa

3. Food for thought

Please give me my food
As I think
Please give me my food
As I think more…
How would we
Define your country
If your character
And personality
Was to be the
Definition of it?
A crook-stingy
Greedy and
Would this be
Its definition
Would this be
Your character
And personality?
Happy-full of love
And eager to

Help others
Would this be
Its definition
Would this be
Your character
And personality?
Full of knowledge
Sharing and caring
And eager to
Provide solutions
Would this be
Its definition
Would this be
Your character
And personality?
Inquisitive and
A known leader
Would this be
Its definition
Would this be
Your character
And personality?
Are you
The image
Of your country?
Or you are
The shadow
That got lost
In a dark deep night?
Even if you were lost
I guess you have your
Special ways of enabling
Your resurfacing to vicinity
Like a ghost
They are afraid of you
They wouldn't wish to
Hear your name mentioned
Twice in their ears

Why are you
The way you are
Do you enjoy being yourself
If you were not yourself
How would you feel about others
If you are going somewhere
Where are you going
To what end
Would this ever end?
The image
Is what we know…
Are you the image
Of your country
Are you even an
Image of yourself
Or you are just
A victim of
And situations?
To your job
You shall not be
A back bencher
Or a shadow
In the dark
Or your own
Image that you
Created for yourself…
But you shall be
Our face
Our image
Our voice
And ofcourse
No wonder why
Most of us
Do not love
Our jobs
We miss life
Wish to live
But without
Enough space
To live in…
One slip
From the moving
Belt automatically

Stamps you a shadow
In the dark forests
Of the deep nights
Who amongst us
Is a proud shadow
In the land of the living…
Who amongst us
Is a proud shadow
In the land of the living?
As we all compete
To be sustainable images
While the biggest sell
The biggest lies
The biggest lies
Being the fashion
Of the day…
One poet concluded
Only the few are living
Most we are learning how to live
There are visible ghosts
And invisible ghosts!
By the way…
Are you the definition
Of your country and
Is this your character
And personality?
They sell lies
VaChikepe: The Poet(c)

4) The Boy That Ran

It took no time for bliss to turn to grim
Hands once merged, now apart they sway
His feet barely scrapping the road
His friend the wind they fled
A trail of dust they left
A sad tale it tells

His lover nowhere in sight
Only echoes of his name
As she calls out for her knight…
Voiceless she becomes as reality sinks deep inside
He never was a knight nor will he be to rescue her from this demise

"If this is love then I am done"
This thought clouds her mind
Manifesting as tears in her eyes
He said, "He would die for me,
Fight wars for me,
Slay beasts for me,"
But now I know,
These were only fables escaping his mouth
Yet l believed the lies
I dared to trust
And in the end l fell in love
Only now to give out a cry
For love this is not, only an illusion
Consuming those who easily love…

He holds his hands on top of his head
"I am sorry my love,
Afraid of dogs l am, "
True love's test on four legs it came
And me being me l left you to bear the shame…
Clarity is now what I have
Empty promises l now hide

Never to share
If l ask for another chance
Will you love me, though I easily scare?
If l ask you for another chance
Will you love me, and still look at me as a man
Though a boy for now l still am
Little about love l contemplate
But as I become a man,
More about love l will come to understand
Forever treating you right
A pledge l now make
This now is my truth,
I am weak…
But if we hold hands long enough
I will be strong…

Her lower lip she bites
Confused in thought she becomes
Again illusions you bring up to life
With delusions, you enchant my mind
Should I not be wise?
Cover up my heart and run
From you this l learnt,
Safety always comes first…

A disappointment to you l am, again l admit
To you that's all l gave
As a boy that ran, I really don't have a say

But please let these last words of mine be yours to take…
I am imperfect at this game called love
I am still a stranger to this yearning l feel inside
Your heart take up and run,
From every man for my sake, please hide
From today, my pride l put aside
As l learn to be the man that you will once again trust
In no time l will return for you to test my love
In front of a million barking dogs, from you l won't run
But if I do, l will spare your heart
And to you l will say goodbye…
By Sibuco (Tatenda Murangi)


5) The fright night

In a fright night
Haunted by the shadows
Of the night
Listening to a sorrowful song
Which breaks my soul
Looking in the dark walls
Whispering in my ears
Broken down
Flooding in warm tears
Imagination so high
I can't live
So many doubts about life
Feeling the pain from

My bedsheets
But my plea
Is blocked by the dark walls
Deafened by the lulling owls.
And crickets
Its strange

Trying to comfort myself
Laying on my restless arms
Drowsing ,
Like I had taken cocaine or heroine
My eyes blurry and heavy
I can't see
I'm weak
Somebody please can save me
Call for the Lord’s intervention
And the legion of Angels in heaven
To save me
Or to relocate my soul
Losing everything
Fighting the devil
The crucifer of my soul

Screaming asking my mamma
To pray for me

Asking the heavens
Not to close the doors
Before l get in
I'm under pressure
I feel the pain on my chest
Coming in such heavy storm
I wonder if l will make it through
The night

…..Blengoe Makavella


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