The good story that is Taal-Net, celebrates 9th anniversary with an arts festival


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The good story that is the Taal-Net Group of Schools took to new levels this week as founding Chief Executive Justin Magidi revealed that his vision was to take his dream to the international stage.

Magidi was addressing parents, students and guests at the Taal-Net 2018 Arts Festival in Meadowdale this week, and drew applause when he announced that he had a dream – to go big.

“My dream is to take this educational and entreprenuerial dream to the international stage. It is a dream that is rolled into many visions. We want to spread this dream worldwide.

“We have already laid out a foundation with 23 schools in South Africa and three others in Zimbabwe. Whether we see my dream in our lifetime, but the dream will be achieved,” Magidi said.

The Taal-Net Group of Schools are the reigning Zimbabwe Excellence Awards holders, and Magidi is the 2018 businessman of the year. See Link


Justin Magidi, Taal-Net Group of Schools sweep the boards at 2018 Zim Excellence Awards

Magidi told the gathering that just over ten years ago he was a university student, studying computer science, and that his first entrepreneural venture was to run a university tuckshop, supplying anything and everything that students use in education.

“But see where that experience has taken us today. Our bigger vision, infact the dream itself is to become the best academic institution in the world.

“The Taal-Net vision is to create a learning environment that seeks high expectations for success, skills and character development and all the necessities to optimize student’s full potential to become builders of the future and stewards of the world,” Magidi said.

The Taal-Net Group of Schools was founded by Magidi in 2009 with only six students, one teacher and a few basics.

It has grown in leaps and bounds over the years with about 350 full-time teachers and support staff, over 6000 students from elementary to vocational, and has an impressive footprint with schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe: Kempton Park, Johannesburg, Randburg, Pretoria, Germiston, Midrand, Hazyview and Glendale. See Link


A vision to become the best in the world, and a brand with a story to tell: Taal-net Group of Schools

Magidi said that he was heartened by the achievements that his students has shown in the time that the schools were operating.

He emphasised that developing tomorrows’s entrepreneurs started with computer labs for every school, organised learning environments and above all dreamers in every sector of the education environment, from the directors and school principals, to the (qualified) teachers and down to the very basis of education, and that is the students.

The Taal-Net Arts festival is one of the biggest events on the Taal-Net school calender, held in the second week of October every year.

The event programme comprised drama, dance, comedy, poems, and music as an expression of creativity and imagination, and students had a chance to showcase their drama and dancing skills.

Arts and culture are big industries throughout the world with big employment opportunities, and Taal-Net is of the view that events like the Taal-Net Arts Festival could be harnessed to launch some of the careers for students.

The programme emphasised the fostering of understanding modern history, from cultural to social trends in the economy, recording patterns of cultural change, bringing communities together and broadening arts and cultural horizons.

Taal-Net said it was difficult at times for students from different cultures to interact. The arts and culture activities therefore sought to help students appreciate different cultures.

Festivals by themselves had assisted in cultural tolerance in efforts to create a sense of oneness among students.

A statement released by the school as part of the festival said that arts and cultural festivals were rooted in the social and cultural life of the nation they are hosted in, and in this case,Taal-Net was playing a role integrating South African and Zimbabwean communities.

About Taal-Net Group of Schools:

Taal-Net is a cluster of registered and licenced Cambridge schools from preschools, primary schools to high schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe.It’sFET colleges offer courses in Engineering (N1-N6), Business (N4-N6), information technology andmatric rewrite on fulltime,part-time and distance learning.Boarding facilities are available for all levels of learning.

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