A cartoon movie series to watch out for, from our own Matrix Zone


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A young Zimbabwean artist aged 23, from the Matrix Zone stable is on the verge of releasing the first series for a cartoon movie produced by Tinashe A Q Maisva from Norton.

The talented youngster is gifted with multiple talents and a hands on experience with communities.

Speaking to Zimbabwe Digital News this week Tinashe aka Queented said that his vision was to create a better world with artworks depicting the real life.

Queented said that at present, film and movie production in Zimbabwe appeared limited due to limitation of resources, (read money and equipment).

However the future remained promising. The artist, who is busy making a collection of features that elders in the industry may have failed to access in times past, said the future was difinitely in digital animation.

The Matrix Zone team comprises a project-oriented team that concentrates in the young generation to the extent of inviting them to participate practically each time there are film and movie productions.

The team working on the upcoming movie series is made up of names such as Celsious (Warrior music), P. Mula (Katanga A Boys), Carbon Victor (Enlisted), Natasha Muz (No Limit), Mnandie (Sly), Oxygen 5 Mars (Staff studio), Take 5 Africa, Patience Gumbo (Patiencessence), Tooth Bantu and VaChikepe the Poet & Publisher.

WaChikepe: The Legend: 100 Sailors, and counting

The project managed to obtain space at the Harare Polytechnic, to make use of. Matrix Zone also works with a creation of animations from scratch for the cartoon series.

Zimbabwe Digital News found out that Quenteed, in the recent past was selected at TelOne as one of th three students who came out best in computing out of 54 students.

The sky is the limit for the committed young people such as Queented, whose acts range from songwriting to web designing, graphic designing and video and film directing.

His contacts are +263777 173 333 and e-mail address is tinashemaisva7@gmail.com.





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