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Are we back to the dark ages, dear Kings of Scotland?


By Chengetai Manyange


On the current situation, our country has qualified and turned into a depressing state where everything is controlled by the securocrats. Democracy is dead, we will deal with definitions later, but when you hear them say we taking off kombis off the roads, and put the Zupco buses that have timetables – this qualifies for a iron-fist controlled state.

Democracy says you must have freedom of choice and of movement, and do your own business in your own time and space. At the same time promoting the private and informal sector that also compliment government operations and it’s day to day business.

For our beloved teachers who made us who we are, such that we can fit in any part of the world – they have long turned a deaf ear on their plight, and always threatening them with dismissal should the air their grievances.

The government knows quite well that the system of the eighties is the one that works, but they just don’t want to do it and instead they are busy channelling funds to wrong purposes, and letting our beloved civil servants to suffer. The moment the government doesn’t respect the will of the civil servants it qualifies to be a Junta state.

A tightly controlled state has got a voiceless President and a very vocal Vice President who doesn’t respect the functions of a health system as he is always addressing the doctors and nurses as useless and next to nothing individuals. This is not considering how much they have sacrificed their lives to save the ordinary people’s lives.

Including their lives as well. Our leaders are always travelling to neighbouring countries to seek medical attention, and at the same time destroying our own country’s health care system.

This is the time to engage the outside world to give aid that is required through the UN WHO to restore the health care system. Also to offer the much needed assistance as we are losing our loved ones before time…all at the expense of the ruling government.

To curb unemployment some have decided to fend for themselves by becoming the informal traders when they give services to the public in their own ways and forms of business, the best way is to create a board that represent them and promote smooth operation of their day to day duties and indirectly curbing of unruly activities like robberies, drug peddling, and prostitution at the same time reducing the prevalence of disease that emanate from porvety, desperation emotional breakdowns.

Everything has all of a sudden been blamed on the opposition and the western world, and our former colonial masters for the past 40 years…cry my beloved Zimbabwe.

Our people have to wake up in early hours of morning and go buy fresh produce to sell to those who go to formal and informal occupations.

Sleeping in the buses, up and down, to different countries

Some are sleeping in the buses up and down to different countries trying to fend for themselves, and their families. The government has got no respect and shows no remorse to their efforts in their quest to make a living.

Our hard earned money is made to be a joke when all we are trying to do is to try and stay away from unruly and unbecoming activities.

From the look of things the government seem to be willing to spitefully harbour all their efforts instead of promoting their efforts as it also go a long way in easing pressure and demands from the suffering public

Lastly the saddest story lies in the poor and the rural masses that have never seen the light and get to be patronised and get to be voting for the selfish leaders because they are assaulted, intimidated and then forced into submission when they get nothing in return.

I say this with my heart. Our leader are selfish. Selfish is this bunch of last Kings of Scotland, to such an extent that they know what needs to be done but they just don’t want to do it.

What has the poor and rural folks done to make them suffer to this extent that there don’t have access to : Health care, Education, Food, Good transport network, Recreational facilities and so forth.

Agricultural support so that they can fend for themselves and never bother the failing ruling elite.

Should they not act decisively in doing the right thing God has got a way to deal with these kind of people. On the other hand the last Kings of Scotland know what to do but the question still remains why don’t they do it.

Cry my beloved Zimbabwe. It’s yet another long walk Freedom.

Chengetai Manyange is a Mechanical Technician who worked for Fidelity Printers and Refiners for close to 14 years and is currently working for a Pharmaceutical Company in South Africa and sure indeed writes in his own capacity. His passion is derived from the wish to make contribution to his motherland and the desire to make positive contribution to the future generation and fulfil the wishes of those who fought and died for a worthy cause of a Free and Democratic Zimbabwe.

The views expressed do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of Zimbabwe Digital News.




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