Zororo Phumulani laptop universities initiative gains momentum

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WE ARE A growing Company which started in 2012. Mr Edwin Anderson who started the company after facing many challenges during his school days, and especially during the university in which his parents struggled to pay tuition fees.

Just to get a laptop or other tools was a pipe dream. What he went through and his understanding for the value of education compelled him to ensure that the company he now heads participated in giving back to the community, especially tools that enable the students to better tackle their work.

The company also believes that when one gives, it will be given back to you. The company was started in 2012 by Mr Anderson who was working as a waiter at that time.

Armed with a business degree from Solusi University, a dream, and lots of faith he came to Cape Town from Zimbabwe.

The only job which he could get was being a waiter. It was clear that the immigrants faced a lot of challenges but one that really touched his heart the most was the difficulty most immigrants faced in having a decent repatriation or burial if they passed away.

From there an idea, though far-fetched at the time, to have the families of the deceased be rest assured that their loved ones would get a decent repatriation and be rest assured that those would have died would rest in peace was implemented, and Zororo Phumulani was born.

Zororo means rest to the Shona speaking people, and Phumulani means rest as well to Ndebele speaking people.

So Zororo-Phumulani is double-barreled rest assurance word or phrase that seeks to unite both groups of the Shona and Ndebele speaking people at their final destination event.

Zororo Phumulani offers Funeral Assurance products offering repatriation to the SADC community. The product range starts from as little as R69 for a family of eight people.

Our service offering exploits synergies with companies such as AVBOB, Doves and African Funeral Services enabling us to do removals, embalming, and repatriation from every corner of South Africa.

Zororo Phumulani is an authorised financial service provider with a license number 45885, and is underwritten by African unity life FSP number 8447, is administered by SA life benefits.

It took more than seven years from 2012 to 2018 for the company to finally realise its dream of starting to give back to the community.

So in 2018 students who had passed matric who had parents that were Zororo Phumulani members, could apply on the acebook page and stand a hance to win one of the 20 laptops.

Zororo-Phumulani laptop project boost for top Zimbabwean students in South Africa

This year the baby steps are getting bolder as we extend the invitation to every child who has passed matric but cannot afford.

So the number of laptops has doubled from 20 to 40, as we say a child is a child all deserve better tools for better education.

Applications are open from 1st February to the 28th February 2019 and the handing over will be done on the 22nd March 2019. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

We intend to expand the project every year as such we are looking for partners so that we can do more.

Our dream is to see every deserving University entrant not struggle with the tools for their education. We need to create a better tomorrow through Education.

Get in touch today, and nominate the best matrics from 2018. Make someone’s dream come true.

Nomination Details below.

In order to be selected please email the following information:

1. Your matric certificate

2. letter of acceptance by any university (critical skill programme)


Please email your application to marketing@zororo-phumulani.co.za.

Application closes on 28 February 2019. For more information please contact Mrs. Robertta Mutimbiri on 0113391484.NB Terms and conditions apply and the company’s decision is final.


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