Meet Munyaradzi Dongo, leader of the Light Bearer Entrepreneurship Academy


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Dongo popularly known as Mr M Dongo is an innovative, inspirational speaker and a Certified Entrepreneurship Trainer.

He is a registered entity that is helping young entrepreneurs to start, restructure and sustain their businesses.

After struggling to break the ground as a business person, he faced challenges that could have stopped him and make him forget about his dream and start living other people’s dreams.

Fortunately he had the guts to stand against all odds and broke the ground. Now he is one of the most influential young person in SA.

For this reason that he managed to break the ground and geminated as a serial, self-made entrepreneur and a speaker, the following programs and many more products that are still in production and these programs are designed just for you and all your businesses.

Dongo as a brand, is providing services like Mr Dee Speak. This involves going all over South Africa doing talks and inspirational speaking events.

In these events, M Dongo presented on entrepreneurship. He spoke in almost every province in South Africa with over 300 – 500 people attendance.

As someone who is so passionate about information and internet world, the company has just launched online live seminars on Social Media where he will be training people about how they can achieve their business goals using social media and digital marketing.

The other service that is one of our hot deal in this first half of 2019 is Mr Dee Small Business. In this service, we are focusing on all small businesses that are still need to be established, already operating and that are struggling in the marketing sector.

We have just launched a business directory that we market those small businesses.

Network marketing companies

We do website designing and maintenance for the small businesses at a very affordable price. Also we are hosting networking events all around the country that will allow these small business owners to network and improve their connections. in this service again we are helping these small businesses on their registrations so that they can operate legally.

Mr Dee Train is another service that is also on hot deals as well this time. Mr Dee Train is a program that is being sponsored by Light Bearer Entrepreneurship Academy-LIBEA, an academy that was registered and started by Mr. M Dongo himself. For the past year and half, the LIBEA was operating mostly in Cape Town.

We were training companies’ staff, network marketing companies and individuals. LIBEA became a training agent for Green World East London branch that has 5 provinces under it and luckily LIBEA was in all those provinces doing trainings and even in places like Mafikeng, Klerksdorp, Welkom, Bloemfontein, East London and many more places.

Now LIBEA is doing events where we are launching our first course that everyone can benefit like the FRESHMAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP COURSE – FEC. In this course, you will be learning all the basics on entrepreneurship.

The best part about these courses at LIBEA is that, unlike other schools, at LIBEA, you will have a chance of being exposed to other business people who are looking to invest, partner and promote small businesses.

We have structured this course as a 4 Months Course that include a powerful 90 day game plan were you will be taught all the skills and trick to keep you focused on your dream for 90 days.

In Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, LIBEA is now having a team of both Zimbabweans and South Africans, young without jobs but with a great dream to achieve also. We are recruiting these young people and shed an entrepreneurship light to them, supporting them and giving them direction and connect them with the right people that are ready to sponsor, invest and partner with them until they achieve their dreams.

Mr M Dongo and the Light Bearer Entrepreneurship Academy are now extending a hand to our own Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe by training them for free and some courses are paid.

Building a strong team

We are bringing these services to them online and we are as well building a strong team there in Zimbabwe, thus creating employment for our dearest Zimbabweans. We also have a strong team that is organizing these classes in Zim. Our team leaders Miss Daisy and Nyasha. A team that is dedicated in achieving greatness.

All I can say is, with Light Bearer Entrepreneurship Academy and Mr M Dongo, all your entrepreneurship needs are fulfilled. Now we are busy preparing for a gigantic event in Port Elizabeth.

On this event, we are featuring one of the top Port Elizabeth Young Artist Mr Dene Young together with our team Leaders there Mr Peter Ganyire and Mr Shumba.

On this day, you will be learning more about doing things the right way. Make it a date to be there.

I can’t conclude this article without mentioning the name of the man who helped me discovering who exactly am I and who is now helping me in many things I do Mr JD. Read more of him on our site

Our next big event is: Igniting Your Entrepreneurship Spirit – Port Elizabeth town Hall 02 March 2019

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