From Gango to Caps United, Mazondo, Germerz and being Trevor Francis


Aleck Bell in conversation with Trevor Francis


Growing up around football my favourite boyhood team in Harare was (and still is) Caps United (Makepekepe, The Cup Kings, The Green Machine) due to it being  my home area team. I lived in Southerton, and Caps United was on Manchester Road.

Players like Shackman Goals Tauro and Joel Jubilee Shambo were my favourite players at Caps United

In school, soccer was a very good sport to play, but the older we grow, the sport became more competitive and so many more players went on to play on a more professional level.
I myself would encourage my son to play football as he played at the Black Aces Academy here
When it comes to supporting football I support Bayern Munich because of their style of play.

Locally I support Kaizer Chiefs, which consists of many Zimbabwean players such as Willard Katsande and Tinache Nengomasha, now a football commentator.
My favourite soccer players internationally would be Thomas Muller, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Mohammed Salah.

My opinion on Germerz is that it’s a good way for Zimbabweans in the disapora who are passionate about football, to enjoy the game, keep fit and socialise.
For those who don’t know me, I’m Trevor Francis, 46 years, born in Zimbabwe to a family of six children and I am the second born.

My passion for cooking started at a very young age but never took the time to venture into it.


Gango is my idea of a stir-fry but taken to a new level. Let me break it down to you. Gango is basically a mixture of different meats – chicken, beef, beef vors, liver, kidney and gizzards.

Pork is optional and actually tastes good, but since we have a few customers who dont eat pork I dont include it in my Sunday gango.
The gango is prepared in a round disc over the fire. The trick to gango is that since you have different types of meat cooked in the same pan, you don’t place everything at once.

You cook the meat in stages depending on the type of meat and I have a special spice that i include to bring out the different flavours and tastes. The responce I got when I first introduced gango to the Germerz menu was very good and I can safely say this dish is growing every weekend. It seems the gango has become a crowd puller for our Sunday events at Scaw Metals.
Mazondo are what brought about this whole business venture. My mazondo are unique in the sense that they are different to the normal mazondo that you buy in the local shops.

I personally prepare the mazondo from the first stage where I burn the hair off over flame (kubvura). Then wash them and have them cut ready for cooking.
These are smoked charcoal burnt, just like we have them in Zimbabwe. Mazondo are mostly loved by men, but quite a few women are developing a taste for them.

The debate on the fact that mazondo anosimbisa musana is a fact. The bone marrow found in the bone of the zondo is the bonus in eating mazondo as ofen as you can. Guys now also bring along their own herbs (Orga on top) that they mix into the sticky soup hot soup.


My sugar beans that I prepare are in a class of their own. Cooked on the fire then once they are done. I prepare my tomato & onion, then mix. This dish has also become a household name with the Germerz patrons.

My Favourite recipe

I will say Gango is my favourite well infact its my passion. What I like about gango is the fact that you are not limited to what you can do or put into it. You can be very creative when doing this dish.
This has been a very exciting journey and this would not have been possible without the love and surpport from my brothers at Germerz FC.

Catch Trevor’s kitchcn every Sunday at 12 noon at Scaw Metals.





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