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Zim Migrants Support Network: Business Unusual for ZimsInSA



Staff Reporter

This week ZiMSN convened a business symposium and business hub to coordinate Zim business people in SA.

The introduction was an overview of the ZiMSN Business Hub what it stands for and what it really represent.

It is an integrated hub that seeks to identify Zimbabwean immigrants who are willing to collaborate, form synergies and kick start business.

It was an economic business seminar. It must be understood that we are all economic refugees in RSA henceforth the need to fight the economic struggle, “together, yes we can” that was the mantra. The business seminar was attended by 20 people in various business fields.

The first presentation was by Mr. Russel Kahari of The Millennium Girl Child and Health Services. Mr. Kahari is one of the partners of the organization and they concentrate on selling women menstrual products in the form of the Menstrual Cup.

The Organization is facing challenges on importing products due to a tax clearance issue. However the challenges were addressed in the seminar.

The second presentation was done by Mr Jefta Munyaka who runs a car dealership, Uber and Taxify business.

Mr. Munyaka was willing to formalize his business, he owns about seven cars and is looking to formalize his business and also obtain financial capital to grow his business.

There were 20 representatives that showcased their existing businesses, chicken farming , driving school, construction, sewing business, property rentals, plumbing , waterless car wash, food outlet

A few were present to kick start their businesses but it was predominantly people already running a business who had various challenges ranging from funding, growth, formalizing the business.

We also saw some notable collaborations which happened during the seminar as some business participants formed partnerships.

The seminar was a success with key results on partnerships and business strategies we learned throughout the seminar.

We would like to thank the facilitator Mr. Shumba head of Projects, the panelist of business experts and representation from the leadership led by honorable Mapingure and the Secretary General Mr. Shelton Chiyangwa.

Host: Mr. E. N Shumba (Head of ZiMSN Dept. of Projects & Business)
Guest Speakers: Mr. Chikahe ; Mr. Mapingure
Secretary General: Mr. Chiyangwa
In Attendance
Zimbabwean business people
Board Of Trustees
The Board Of Trustees, was represented by Mr. Chikahe and Mr. Chidzambwa
Portia Chingoma – National Coordinator (ZiMSN)
Mr. Dumisani Mpofu – IT expert
Mr. Makwarimba – IT department (ZiMSN)

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