Hello Sahwira: A new movement for Zimbabweans in the diaspora


By Stan Makwara

Growing up in the villages of Hurungwe seeing my father as a traditional leader of the community, it taught me the values of keeping friends in your inner circle as close to you as possible.

The hand of friendship between my father his close friends was so deep that they would offer each other ploughing equipment, rights to negotiate lobola for their children, loyalty to their friendship, resolving any domestic issues above all they were doing business together with trust and serving each other as brothers.

My father called his bondfriend SAHWIRA!

I did not see any day they betrayed each other, even though they would not agree in some issues however it seemed as if they remained loyal to being a SAHWIRA.

You see when you are considered a SAHWIRA you remain as such for life, my father taught me.

I hope and pray that our business relationship will be one we will forever cherish as we re-born our nation within us.

My friend we are not merely Zimbabweans, we are greater that we think we are, what binds us together is much more than what separates us.

Shape the dreams of our forefathers for the generations to come. My nation depends on YOU and I, Zimbabwe will rise up again, this time to be better and stronger than before.
I AM PROUD TO BE ZIMBABWEAN! IAM SAHWIRA and am ready serve our nation through serving our countrymen. Are you?

What is Proudly263?

We are a peer-to-peer networking, community, investment and social enterprise company.
It is a brand created by the Zimbabwean people to recapture, restore and realign our traditional people values in the way we do things and treat others starting our customers.

· A community of proud Zimbabwean people living in the diaspora who corporately come together for buying and selling to one another, information sharing, and business networking and meeting the social needs of Zimbabweans in the diaspora?
· A service-based business venture focussing on emerging enterprises and business owners needing support and empowerment.

Is investment and opportunity for millions of Zimbabweans in the diaspora Our community is a group of people living together with certain values in common.

At Proudly263 we are a Social and Business Community adopting a particular valuesystem called USahwira Lifestyle, a Zimbabwean –based system for community close-nit friend who is the most trusted by his fellows to whom he is a SAHWIRA.

They do business, family representation, community meetings together. They support, they offer the best service and would go an extra-mile to please their associate Sahwira. That’s what we believe in.

Here are a few things that you did not know.

*What is Proudly 263* ?

🇿🇼 This is a networking company that provides a platform and services for Zim-Owned businesses in South Africa for better branding uniting a growing community for networking and doing business together.

*What is our purpose*

🇿🇼 To bring Zimbabwean entrepreneurs together for trade, networking, training and sharing values and opportunities.

🇿🇼To buy from each other goods and services as a way to support each other in business, project called *buyZim1st*

🇿🇼 Monthly business workshops will help to expand your business and building your market. Weekly networking meetings to build a community of business people.

🇿🇼 Through our directory website/app you will be able to search for all Zim businesses in your area

A few key things

1) We are a Zim Business Platform for various Zim Entrepreneurs from all walks of life who do business on a *peer-to-peer* networking community.

2) Members post their businesses, services and products you may find what you want from Zimbos. *It’s strictly business related information* .

3) They *support* you especially if you in business, to _empower_ and help _advance_ your business nomatter how small or big it is.

4)It’s an _opportunity_ to market and *network* so you can grow your *networth* !

4) Once you join the platform, you *qualify* to attend their Business Event in Kempton Park AFM on Sat, May 18 for *FREE* , can you imagine you save R250! I thought I should invite you.

Bookings for the events 18 May 2019 are *open*

If you have not booked your seat please do so now. Contact our consultants

Bookings are for free only if you will come as an Exhibitor you pay for a stand , that comes in different prices, show case what you sell in your Business.

Answering those who said we are a whatsapp group

It will help your business to be known.

Book your Ticket now 🌸🌸 with our lovely consultant that will give you more information about :
Looking forward to have you on the Launch.

So for all those who were dismissing us as a whatsapp group. See you there, Sahwira/ Mhlobo

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Stan Makwara is CEO of Proudly263Global. Contact him at 081 241 0092



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