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I believe that we can fly at the Proudly263Global Trade Fair and Hello Sahwira campaign

How can I grow my market share? How can I build my brand? How can scale my business to the next level? These are great questions that I will be looking into in my presentation: Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa


By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa

Economic pressure is one of the greatest challenges that we have to deal with in the generation that we are living in.

With 95% of our communities living in consumptive debt there is a need for a new paradigm.

We cannot continue to live “life as usual” we need an extraordinary way of thinking and operating. In the upcoming session we will look into how to develop innovative thinking that empowers one for economic mastery.

Having been a success coach and business coach in South Africa for seven years primarily working with Zimbabweans in the diaspora I have been constantly faced with the questions “How can we access funding for our business start ups?

How can I grow my market share? How can I build my brand? How can scale my business to the next level? These are great questions that I will be looking into in my presentation.

As Zimbabweans we are not in short supply of ideas, our challenge is in the “making it happen” department.

The bottom line is every challenge we face in life is a wisdom challenge and getting the right wisdom is about being in the right place connected to the right people.

The platform is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people that will give you access to the much-needed wisdom.

Seven years ago my wife and I started our first project, which was, book entitled Success Paradigms 101.

Topic of My Life

The book took of well and impacted my life as the author and that led to the birth of Success Paradigms 101 ( the business, which has birthed 16 other entities that are creating wealth for our family.

This journey has led to many lessons learnt and much wisdom acquired and we will be sharing this with you. You can change your circumstances and refocus your business for success.

Within in these years we have helped a number of people attain millionaire status in rand value simply by using Kingdom principles of wealth. These are fully tabled in our two books

The Judaeo Abrahamic Wealth Factor and Masters of the economy which you can see on our website

The Bible is the greatest business manual that has made the Jewish nation the most influential people group in the marketplace and in many cases as people in the diaspora.

So by learning from them we can master the ability to create wealth regardless of where we are on the planet.

My primary passion is to see poverty eradicated and people equipped and empowered to create wealth and that is what we have lived by with notable success.

Using the foundation of wisdom that has been tried and tested for thousands of years plus my years of personal experience as a businessman and coach we will help you get to your next level and establish you as a formidable force in the marketplace regardless of nationality, gender or racial background.

This is indeed a brilliant initiative that will lead to redefining the lives of many people.

The bottom line principle is “Wealth is created in communities” and when we create the right communities we set ourselves up for marketplace mastery.

So lets see you there, lets build generational wealth that will impact our children’s children.

I believe that “Even You Can Succeed”.

Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a businessman and philanthropist, and publisher of Success Paradigms 101 ( He is billed to be the main speaker at the Proudly263Global Launch and Trade Fair.

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