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Limpopo bus carnage: Zimbabwe Migrant Support Network calls on Zim/SA government to rein in errant bus operators

Marsmery bus reportedly lost control on the NI near Makhado, crashed and killed 14 people.


Zimbabwe Digital News


The Zimbabwe Migrants Support Network has called for tougher measures on transport operators who are running ramshackle buses on the Zimbabwe-South Africa passenger services.

This after another horrific accident a bus – confirmed as Marsmery – lost control and overturned on the N1 north, near the Ingwe Hotel in Makhado. 14 people died, and 13 others are injured.

A statement from the Limpopo Transport depart (see below) said that reckless driving could not be ruled out.

ZiMSN President, Chris Mapinguire told Zimbabwe Digital News this morning that while it was too early to say what had caused the accident, news reports of bus crashes along the busy N1 through Limpopo, to and from Zimbabwe, had become a problem.

“On behalf of Zimbabwe Migrants Support Network, we are really shocked about the untimely death of our  brothers and sisters in the horrific accident involving the Masmery Bus.

“May their souls rest in peace. We appeal to all the Zimbabweans in South Africa to stand with the families of those who lost their beloved ones in such difficult times as these. I also appeal to bus drivers to adhere to traffic rules. Bus companies must also insure that they are operating buses that are roadworthy, and that traffic officials remove all unroadworthy buses from the road,” Mapingure said.

Limpopo Transport MEC sends message of condolence

MEC Makoma Makhurupetje extended condolences to families of 14 Zimbabwean nationals who died when their bus overturned on the N1.

Makoma Makhurupetje, the MEC for Transport and Community Safety in Limpopo has extended her heartfelt condolences to the families of thirteen Zimbabwean nationals who died late yesterday afternoon when the bus they were travelling in, lost control and overturned on the N1 north, near the Ingwe Hotel in Makhado.

The MEC also wished a speedy recovery to thirteen others who were injured during the crash.

At this stage no conclusive evidence has been found which points out to the exact cause of the accident although reckless driving is not ruled out as the possible cause.

“We are deeply concerned about accidents involving buses as they lead to more loss of lives compared to ordinary motor vehicles. The driver and vehicle fitness of long distance cross border buses is also a matter of deep concern to us, as this is almost the third time now that we are losing lives because of long distance buses.

It is about time that our law enforcement officers step up their routine checks on this buses to prevent this kind of accidents from happening” said the MEC.

“I also call upon drivers of buses and other public transport to take rest in between trips as the lives of passengers remain in their hands”, added MEC Makhurupetje.


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