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Brand Hello Sahwira makes first public appearance at Proudly263Global Launch and Business Expo


By Kenneth Chikanga


The Voice of America’s Studio 7 was on hand to capture the story this week as Zimbabwe Digital News and Proudly263Global announced Hello Sahwira The Brand at the much-anticipated weekend Trade Fair and Expo Launch in Kempton Park.

The partnership will establish innovative brand, and business profiling for Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

Branding, buying and selling took centre stage as big Zimbabwean and South African brands found themselves next to nzungu, nyimo and super chibuku, with giants First National Bank caught in the scrum – selling R5.25 a month easy accounts.

In the ground breaking deal, the first of its kind for both organisations, Brand Hello Sahwira will be rolled out in stages and sectors, ahead of consolidation of operations in multi-media, brand business innovation, digital entrepreneurship, and public trade of stock.

Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa, author of 20 books and director of 17 companies in Zimbabwe and South Africa, delivered a powerful business networking and innovation speech, which drew waves of applause with 45 minutes of inspirational quotes, life experiences, mind-mapping and outright humour that had the crowd both in stitches and tears.

Dr Tich said that he was honoured to be an ambassador of Proudly263Global, and challenged the exhibitors, guests, visitors and business communities to unpack the values of being a Zimbabwean, and find out what part of those values had translated into their businesses etiquette.

“What are you doing, as Zimbabwean businesses, to create the structures for handling big business, and the millions in revenues? We cannot win if we are not mastering our economy. Are our strategies enough, and if we do not study the history of biblical prophecies of how to create wealth, we will not know how to create wealth for the Zimbabwean innovation in us,” said Dr Tich.

He spoke fondly of how he was an average student growing up in Zimbabwe, how he was down and out at many points in his life – reduced to preaching to the public on the dusty streets of Bulawayo, and how the education system had rejected him as a failure.

“The system itself refused to recognise me, and that’s when I discovered the inner strength of self discovery. I wrote the Success Paradigms 101, to motivate businesses to succeed. I then read the book, and the book itself inspired me. Today I have authored 20 books, appeared on television and radio, have produced a movie and coached thousands of people. And I am Proudly263,” he said.

I believe that we can fly with Proudly263

I believe that we can fly at the Proudly263Global Trade Fair and Hello Sahwira campaign

Counting Friday night and Saturday at 7pm over 700had attended the Trade Fair, including head of Zimbabwe Consular Services Donald Mhashu.

Proudly263Global chief Executive, Stan Makwara told the gathering it had taken him and his team weeks of sleepless nights planning for the May 18 business trade fair launch event, but unveiling Proudly263 and Brand Hello Sahwira in public, and on the same day was an exciting experience for everyone who is associated with Proudly263Global, and Zimbabwean communities.

“With Hello Sahwira, the business to arriving late for appointments as Zimbabweans, ends today. We have found that 75% of the Zimbabweans that we surveyed support this kind of Trade Fair, and that 89% want to participate, and there are hundreds of thousands of others with the appetite for brand Zimbabwe, and with Hello Sahwira, we are rolling out people-centic values that will define and redefine the future of our economy, the Sahwira communities with empowerment and resourcefulness,” he said.

Membership based organisation

Benefits of full membership of Proudly263Global will be rolled out in phases, and will see Zimbabweans buying and selling from each other, connecting Zimbabwe to South Africa, trade, networking, mentoring, empowerment and story-telling.

Hello Sahwira values are centred on having fun with Brand Hello Sahwira, innovation, excellent customer service and fulfilling the knowledge gap in a global society.

Makwara pledged to serve the organisation to the fullest, and with the official launch this week, commences operations with entrepreneurial development, business incubation, consulting and mentoring, business and information resources, networking, trade fairs, event management, structured publicity, media and experiential marketing, consumer services, information resources and brand optimisation.

A New Movement for Zimbabweans in the disapora

Hello Sahwira: A new movement for Zimbabweans in the diaspora


Branding took centre stage at the Proudly263Global Trade Fair as South African giants FNB, found themselves in the scrum of the expo, selling Open and Easy Account to trade fair visitors and guests at the inaugural event on Saturday.

FNB POP External Sales and Service Consultant, Amanda Mazibuko said that the bank was sensitive to the needs of Zimbabweans in the diaspora, and if the need to be found among the traders selling nzungu and nyimo arose, then the bank would be found there, in the thick of things.

FNB pulled out all stops, and despite earlier fears that one of South Africa’s big four would not arrive at the event, the giants said they were happy to help Zimbabwean businesspeople who are struggling with accessing banking services, and coming to events such as Proudly263Global would ensure that the bank was in touch with its clients.

“We have opened quite a number of accounts here today. At R5.25 a month in service fees, who would resist that. Zimbabweans in South Africa, in fact Zimbabweans in general offer excellent opportunities for us to grow our client base, and with between 3 and 4 million Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa, the opportunities for growth are immeasurable. This is a great event,” Mazibuko said.

Big brands line up to do business at Proudly263Global Trade Fair and Expo

Nedbank made a cameo appearance after they came with Remax.

Top Zimbabwean companies operating in South Africa, including Maksure, Zororo Phumulani, Cassava Fintech (Ecocash Remit), Mats Holdings Group, Remax, The TaalNet Group of School, Songs Construction, Glorious Real Estate and Lake Harvest (Kariba Bream) made their presence felt with colourful marketing banners and media material.

On the list of exhibitors were Eshos Trend, Real Premium Spices, D and D Designs, Forex Wealth Creation, Big Mama’s Arts, Magura Tours, Dynamic Legal, Nqobile Dressmakers, HBS, Moda Creations, Teemil Safety and Health, African Rubies, StanFab, Sizovuna Africa, CHAVA-Life, GreenWorld, LeoBusiness Packages (Bitcoin), TritaBren Industries, The Caveman Clothing, Zero Limits Accounting Services, Phronesis, MM Chemicals, Laboss,Nyaradzo, Longrich, BKV, Litho Digital Printers, C&T Group, and others who came as sole business traders, and supermarkets.

Keep following Zimbabwe Digital News and Proudly263Global as we embark on this exciting journey.

Highlights From Proudly263Global Trade Fair and Expo

Mats Holding Group


Cascades, Super Chibuku, Mazoe, Chilli Sauce, Taste of Zimbabwe


TritaBen Holdings, Songs Construction


Easy Accounts at FNB for R5.25 monthly fees for the Zim diaspora market

Mats Holdings Group

Detergents and Cleaning Equipment



Proudly263Global banner


Glorious Real Estate


Lake Harvest, Kariba Bream

Remax (with Nedbank)

Clothing and branding

Eshos Trends

Litho Digital Printers

Proudly264Global Trade Fair Organising Team

Hello Sahwira Makes First Public Appearance

CEO Stan Makwara meets the exhibitors

CEO Stan Makwara meets the exhibitors

African attire



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