Mitch the Millionaire: Creating tools for the basics of financial literacy



By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa


In 2010 the Lord called me and gave me a mandate to raise Kingdom Financiers and to help the Body of Christ come of the bondage of debt and walk in financial freedom.

At was at this time that I began to research the Word of God with the intent of getting understanding from scripture how this was possible.

Little did I know that this was going to be the most exciting journey I was to embark on. The research led to the birth of three brilliant books on how a believer could become financially free namely, The Meditations Of A Kingdom Financier, The Judaeo Abrahamic Wealth Factor and Masters Of The Economy.

We have seen these books get into the hands of thousands of people. However the Lord had said that the best way to get the concepts into the hearts and minds of many people was through the use of the big screen and gaming. So we have always had a desire to go into that space.

2019 became the year where both our first movie and our first game were to be launched.

The question therefore is what is Mitch The Millionaire? My answer to this question is always that is a tool that helps people find financial freedom while they are having fun. In essence it is an edugame designed to help people walk into their wealthy place according to psalms. Edu-gaming is a concept that combines games with education so that the learning experience can be both enjoyable and transformative.

So with Mitch The Millionaire we took the wisdom in the three books and we have encoded this wisdom into the game. That way one is able to learn how to grow their financial freedom while playing, seeing that many people do not like reading.

How the game works

How the game works basically is using the principles of neuroplasticity we engage the player in a process where their brain is being renewed with the Word of God and they begin to think differently about their financial position and their future.

They begin to see themselves as an investor and not a consumer. This game provokes deep thinking and strategy creation, which is one of the reasons why many are poor.

The why behind Mitch The Millionaire is the crisis that we see across the nations of more than 90% of the global population living in consumptive debt. We have ceased to be critical thinkers who analyse the why behind our decision to open another account. We feel there is no other alternative so debt becomes the only solution. This has led to many people divorcing, dying young, living high stress lives and many other issues that emanate from what I call the debt crisis.

The Vision is: Poverty eradication across the nations using contemporary tools to empower people.

Mission: Creating tools for financial literacy and transformed lives

We seek to give people solutions

God’s plan for you has always been prosperity and abundance. The question is how do I make this a reality? In a world where more the 90% of the world’s population are living in consumptive debt is it possible to live in financial freedom? Mitch The Millionaire is a tool that was created to help you achieve this financial freedom.

This is more than a game, it is a university of financial literacy that goes a step further and offers you an opportunity to birth your millionaire strategy. You have been given everything that is needed to birth you’re your millionaire status.

Why do we talk about a millionaire status? Because any person who does not have a net income of over one hundred and twenty thousand rand a month which is one million four hundred and forty thousand rand a year minimum will find it near impossible to live comfortably in their own house, driving their own vehicle, sending their children to a good school whilst eating and dressing well.

This amazing tool will help you live life to the full just as God intended for you. To see how it works go to our financial success page.

How the game works is simple, all you do is go through the game throwing two dice and as you move you can either invest in properties or money. There are risks along the way, like the devourers corner based on Malachi who says the Lord will rebuke the devourer on your behalf.

Those that mange to go to church along the way and give of their tithes are protected from the devourer. You also have opportunities to go to the library and read books and learn in order to have wisdom to deal with the challenges that you will face in the game.

Neuro linguistic programming

By playing this game several times ones language begins to change and there is a paradigm shift that takes place and positions one for success.

Using the concept of neuro linguistic programming or the renewing of the mind according to Romans 12 verse 1 the player is able to become a master of their economy and financial destiny as they play the game.

We have had numerous plays with our children and play dates that we created as a way of tested the game and we have found that is an amazing tool for transforming lives. The people that have played have been greatly impacted by the realization that they are financially illiterate.

To buy the game one can place an order on our website a dedicated ecommerce site that enables you to buy your own game or become an investor or vender.

Mitch The Millionaire is a registered company owned by Success Paradigms 101. Our headquarters is in Johannesburg South Africa.

We are proud to let you know that this is an out of Africa concept that is destined to impact the globe.

We seek to redefine how life is lived and how money is made. Financial freedom is the ultimate goal in all that we do. We seek to empower our continent to become a player in the global markets.

Keep following Zimbabwe Digital News as we roll out the Mitch The Millionaire projects, for Africa. Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a businessman and philanthropist, and publisher of Success Paradigms 101 (



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