Undoing Mazvake Mazvake: It starts with the Zimbabwean in the diaspora


By Sife Makwara


There is a great sense of hope and the will to do things differently and destroy the perception that Zimbabweans can not work or support each other.

There is a renewed sense of hope in reigniting the SAHWIRA/UMHLOBO mentality amongst the Zimbabwean Community in South Africa through the entrance of Proudly 263 Global.

Huge strides are being made through the network and it is pleasing that positive testimonials are coming out with many people sharing their experiences and opportunities that have been created by this noble platform.

Business has been created and opportunities expanded.

As much as there are others who may argue that the Zimbabwean community is working together in other parts of the country and other platforms, the majority is still Mazvake Mazvake; or one man for himself to a greater part.

We have evidence of that and our coming on board has breathed a new lease of hope and opportunity that we as a people can put our heads together, trust each other and genuinely seek to empower ourselves and trade amongst ourselves.

A great example was shared by one of our community members who witnessed Somali business people in SA who individually own about 20 stores in Johannesburg and collect R1000 daily from each store and put it in a fund that is used to boost one person every month.

Every 20 days they they give that R400 000 to one person to renovate and buy stock from India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Italy and China. Wow, that is an amazing community uplifting each other.

Can we as Zimbabweans come together and create our own initiatives to share ideas and resources to build each other?

Absolutely possible!

The first thing we need to do as a people is to value meetings.
Do not do your own thing but rather let us have a culture of valuing other initiatives and start trusting each other.

Let us not look down on each other and each time an idea comes with someone, we start saying, ‘Here’s another scam.’ We can only address this by attending meetings and seeing for yourselves what we are doing at Proudly 263.

A lot of people have benefited and continue to benefit on our platforms.
It is time for all of us to put our heads together and come out and support an idea that we will in the future proud to have been part of it’s forming and development.

Do not be a bystander and wait to see how far it will go – be the person who will participate to take it forward.

No to Mazvake – Mazvake, lets come together and grow our true potential and it starts with you and me.

Sife Donald Makwara is Head of Communities at Proudly263Global. Contact him at 0785845260.

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