At Zimbabwe National Party we seek people-driven solutions to our problems


By Andy Kapfumvuti


One may ask why forming a party when you can simply join one of the already existing ones? One of the answers is having a number of participating parties in a country will help in having democratic principles in check.

Having only one or two political parties is not healthy to keep democracy. There will be no viable entity to question and challenge the ruling party if people’s opinions are suppressed.

ZNP was formed to avail an alternative choice to the populace. In the wake of a political crisis in Zimbabwe we saw it fit to express ourselves in the form of forming ZNP.

The people of Zimbabwe have suffered for too long and it seems there is no end of this suffering in sight. Those whom we have looked up to as our leaders to bring a new lease of life have not been forth-coming hence the formation of ZNP.

If we look at the two predominant parties in Zimbabwe there are internal squables which do not move the country forward. We as ZNP intend to be a unique party which is non-violent. We will not participate in any mass demonstrations which have over the years proved to be futile.

We cannot participate in any activity which will bring down the already crippled economy. We have realised that it is now a sticking notion that violence especially during election time is the order of the day.

ZNP is now here to show people a better way which is non-violent. The life if a person is too valuable to lose because of politics. You fight and kill each other for political figures who tomorrow may put their differences aside and unite and become good friends.

It does not make much sense. The people of Zimbabwe must be educated about the true meaning of politics – that politics is the democratic governance of a country and equitable distribution of its resources. No-one should die for that.

As a party we believe in complete freedom of the press. The press is there to inform the nation about current affairs and developments in the whole world.

So the press should exercise its mandate unabated. Those who are at cross-roads with the press are the ones who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. We will support the press in every way possible.We have a unique understanding of the existence and role of a woman in society.

Originally a woman is the crown of a man and so is the crown of a nation. A woman is the instructor of a man lifting the veil of ignorance from off the face of a man and the man is the active force who runs with the instruction from the woman.

So a woman should be afforded her rightful place in society. A woman is sacred.T his is what the world should be educated about.

The economy of Zimbabwe needs drastic measures. Our party will seek investors and give them freedom to protect their investment.

By this we mean that the investors themselves should also determine how the economy should be improved and placed at the for-front of business activities. You can’t put your money where you might lose it. So the investors themselves should actively participate in policy formulation to protect their investment.

It is our thrust as a party that no government ministry will be politically driven. This is the gateway to corruption if ministers carry out their duties and at the same time defending their party policies which might be counterproductive.

A ministry to deal with corruption will be introduced. Billions of dollars are lost to corruption. The ministry itself will also be under heavy scrutiny to prevent it from being captured itself by masters of corruption. This in a nutshell is what ZNP will focus on.

Kapfumvuti is President: Zimbabwe National Party.


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