In just two hours the new players of Mitch The Millionaire had caught the language of wealth and prosperity


By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa


As we look at the world around us it is obvious that debt has been normalized. Debt has been made a normal part of our lives. The abnormal has become normal. Disorder has been made the standard or life.

The birth of Mitch The Millionaire is the birth of a movement that seeks to restructure the thinking of a generation that needs help.

This game is designed to address the very core of this crisis. We have designed the game to be a program that seeks to provoke the players to see the possibility of debt free living.

Using the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming we will help the players to learn the language of wealth and financial freedom.

This simply means the language you speak will determine the lifestyle that you will live. Your language is the frame of reference within which you will create the realities that you will live.

In the days of slave trade there was a principle that used which simply said “you cannot imprison or enslave man who has the language of freedom”.

So to capture a people or a generation you have to create a language that confines them to the prison. The media is big on the language of debt and bondage and many people are in prison.

You have to make a decision to break out of prison. The decision must of necessity place a demand for a new language. The language must line up with the new season you are seeking to live.

In case you may not be aware, the largest part of your brain is that which controls language and speech. So when you are liberated from debt you must shift your language to line up with what you have stepped into.

Mitch The Millionaire is designed to…

1. Get you out of debt
2. Give you a new language
3. Give you ideas and strategies for living debt free

The game will help you to get into the Word, the creation of wealth is a product of the doing of the Word of God. It will get you out of small thinking get you into seeing and planning big.

When you begin to think differently you get out of oppression, bondage and slavery. It will also get you out of natural thinking and get you to think the Word and we know this is the key to freedom.

God said to Abraham “get thee out…” God is saying to you get out and get into your inheritance. Start the process by connecting with us on our website and see how to be a part of the birth of this new tool.

The launch has been set for the 31st of August 2019. The launch party is set to give people an opportunity to invest and become shareholders.

The momentum is so great that we have seen amazing doors open in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, and Nigeria. South Africa will host the first launch party and we will move northward until Africa is covered. We are going from Cape to Cairo.

In just two hours the new players of Mitch The Millionaire had caught the language of wealth and prosperity. This game is nothing short of a revolution. Go to place your order or register to become a seller.

Greatness is hidden in every seed sown. Visit the website for more details.




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