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We have a distance to travel. Please take the chariot


By Byron Mbaye


A chariot is a type of carriage or cart driven by a charioteer, usually using horses to provide mobility.

Chariots were used by armies as transport or mobile archery platforms for racing and as a conveniently fast way to travel for many people back in the day.

Chariots are carriages that consist of comfortable seating and two to four large wheels and drawn by horses which are hitched on both sides. And depending on the size they can accommodate two to fopur people.

Nowadays Chariots are used in royal and regal affairs such as royal weddings and other great European affairs.

They can also be used for events such as weddings or government inaugurations as a regal and classy form of entry.

And they are an eco friendly mode of transport (But you cannot use them as an everyday mode of transport anymore).

The chariot business started when we suggested to bring back those vintage chariots in a unique style.

We advanced our chariots into vehicle drawn carts and the types of chariots we are working on are the roman shaped chariots the greek chariots.

We are now venturing in making own type of designs and the chariots comfort will be made out of the high density foamed seats with springs and shock absorbers.

Styles will differ and be unique to customise our customers cruising speed max of 60km/hr.

It will be fixed with a tow-hinch trailer brake to supply the chariot fixed with two separate seats with high foam rubber to give high comfort these chariots a small vehicle drawn chariots.these chariots to be used on weddings,movies, traditional events, company ceremonies.

Looking at the future of this industry we are looking forward to a national and even intercontinental renowned company providing unique service throughout the country we are looking forward to be more advanced in this vehicle drawn chariot industry.

Would you believe that in this modern world chariots still exist! So if you’re looking for a meaningful, hassle and stress-free wedding ceremony, then look no further.

Byno Finderz Style crew is here to provide you with unique vehicle drawn chariots and with your fairytale wedding theme one can perfectly turn their dreams into a memorial day.

The vehicle drawn chariot is also for those enchanted by the horse drawn chariots from the vintage movies creating the perfect fairytale scene.

Byno Chariots there for your best memorable events.

Watch this space. Call 0739227217 for details.



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