CSR donation for Mujamata family shows the human face of Proudly263Global


By Charity Mutamangira Tamira

What is the handover about?

This handover is about responding to an emergency call for assistance towards one of our fellow Zimbabweans who at the time of call, required urgent assistance.

As Proudly263Global, it is vital to uphold and ensure that the SAHWIRA spirit and morals do not flow only amongst the Proudly263Global business people and stakeholders, but that it extends through to every Zimbabwean as we build upon the foundations which uphold, and support the mission of Proudly263Global.

This initiative presented itself with opportunities for creating awareness, networking and extending the impact of Proudly263Global model of the spirit of SAHWIRAs, peer-to-peer assistance, and the need for skills development.

The Mujamata family life story

The handover was conducted in Boksburg, at an informal settlement called Holomisa next to Windmill Park. The recipients live in an informal structure built within an RDP house upon whose landlord they rent from.

The recipients came from Zimbabwe. Mr Mujamata came to look for a job to support his family, however due to the difficulties back home, Mujamata’s wife and their second child, a girl of 4 years, were forced to come and join Mr Mujamata here in Ekhurhuleni, in May, while their firstborn daughter remained in Zimbabwe with her grandmother.

Mrs Mujamata was eight months pregnant, however on the antenatal records she brought with from Zimbabwe, it specified otherwise. The records indicated that Mrs Mujamata was overdue in giving birth.

Thus upon attending an antenatal clinic at Van Dyk Park clinic, in Boksburg, based on Mrs Mujamata’ s antenatal records from Zimbabwe, the sister in charge was forced to refer her to hospital as a matter of emergency, to be induced, as the baby was overdue.

Her husband, who had walked her to the clinic, had left her in the queue, to go and stand by the robots looking for work. Due to language barrier between the sister-in-charge and Mrs Mujamata, Ms Charity Tamira was requested to interpret to Mrs Mujamata the urgency of emergency and the need to rush to Hospital.

Ms Tamira went on to call Mr Mujamata, summoning him to rush to the clinic, fetch his wife and rush her to hospital.

The sister indicated that she was not calling an ambulance as there were no complications on Mrs Mujamata, hence she could go home, leave behind her 4-year-old daughter whom she was with at the clinic, fetch her baby preparation bag, and go straight to Oliver Tambo Memorial Hospital (also known as BBH).

Ms Tamira, a member of the Proudly263Global, went on to ask Mrs Mujamata if she was prepared for this sudden coming of this baby, upon which she indicated she wasn’t prepared, except for a few baby clothes which she brought with from Zimbabwe.

As a result Ms Tamira was compelled and moved to call for help from friends and from the Proudly263Global family for help with donations of baby stuff. At this point Mrs Mujamata was on her way to hospital.

When Mrs Mujamata got to hospital, a scan was conducted to determine if she was overdue or not, and the results came out showing that she was actually eight months pregnant and due to give birth in July. Ms Tamira only found out about this turnaround of events later that evening, after following up with Mr Mujamata.

The current Mujamata family situation.

The Mujamata family are our fellow Zimbabweans who came to South Africa to look for opportunities for sustenance and growth. They are currently not in business.

Due to the high unemployment rates here in South Africa, Mr Mujamata currently gets picked up from the robots where he stands daily to be picked up by anyone who needs his services, be it mixing concrete, painting or some other handyman services he can offer.

Before things became difficult back home, Mr Mujamata used to work for contractors, involved in ploughing, using tractors. Since he came to South Africa, he has learnt the techniques of painting from his fellow Zimbabweans whenever they struck such job opportunities.

These job opportunities do not come on a daily basis, and they come with their own advantages and disadvantages, which makes his current industry very difficult to penetrate and get firmly established. As a result, tomorrow’s bread is not assured to be on the table, hence the need to assist with baby preparation items etc.

What stood out for Proudly263Global in this family situation?

The reason for donating to this family was not based on Proudly263Global’ s choice, but rather it was responding to an emergency call by a member of Proudly263Global, Ms Tamira, who had personally met with Mrs Mujamata upon personally visiting the clinic.

Ms Tamira was moved and compelled to assist, thus posting on the Business2@Proudly263Global group requesting for donations from those who could assist.
Permission to post the request for donations was sought from the CEO Stan Makwara who gave a go-ahead on the post on the basis that the request was part and parcel of morals and values upholding and supporting the SAHWIRA Concept.

As Proudly 263 Global, we believe in upholding the spirit of a SAHWIRA, be it in business or dire need situations, especially now that Proudly263Global is seeking to create awareness for mobilisation of every Zimbabwean in South Africa to rally around and be involved, to achieve the mission, vision and goals of this organisation.

How did Proudly263Global collect the products?

Having received the post from Ms Tamira on the group requesting for donations and also sharing Mr Mujamata’ s contact details for transparency, some group members applauded Ms Tamira for such an act of kindness, some responded on the group with an interest to donate in cash and kind.

Some called Mr Mujamata just to follow up out of kindness and to give moral support. To collect the items donated, Lady D Makwara assisted especially collecting from people on the Proudly263Global group while Ms Tamira only collected from her church friends, since she had also requested from that platform.

In as much as people really wanted to donate, the setbacks were locations which were far apart, which posed a challenges in collecting from all who wanted to.

Creation of shared values with the Mujamata Family

In helping the Mujamata family, Proudly263Global is able to maximise the creation of shared values in that we can use that opportunity to create awareness of the organisation, thereby becoming our link to mobilise Zimbabweans within their area to join in and rally behind the Proudly263Global values for the achievement of our mission, vision and goals.

And through this collaboration with all (other) stakeholders (how do we) insure that the interests of the service providers are mutually supportive to Proudly263Global.

By following the same formation processes which have brought about community groups within the locations Proudly263Global has already established which encourage the upholding of SAHWIRA values and necessitate support for such mutual initiatives.


Charity Mutamangira Tamira is a member of Proudly263Global in the social welfare department.




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