With so much bad news, we need journalists who can re-shape the paradigms on life

I am a human behavior and personality coach with Target Training International, and part of what we do is help companies understand the personality profiles of their target market with the aim of understanding their behaviors and motivators (the how and why people do what they do).


Br Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa


The man in the street finds himself in a quandary. We are constantly bombarded with news and information. And if anything, most of the news on TV, on radio, in the newspapers is bad news.

Xenophobia, corruption, commissions of inquiry, crime statistics, rape, gender violence, market crashes.

Yes there are pockets of good news here and there. But lets face it. There is no end to the stream of bad media – every day.

The pressure(s) of every day living have become a compounded mess of financial pressure, family responsibility, economic crises, political instability, health and wellness issues and so on and so forth.

The constant pressure has lead to increased mortality especially amongst men. Statistics show that six of the number one killer diseases are stress related which are heart disease, lung ailments, cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents and suicide.

Doctors also report that about 75% of their patients come in because of stress related conditions. These are astounding statistics that demand that we should have conversations around the topic of stress or better yet the causes of stress and the solutions.

Having been a Pastor and coach for many years I would concur with the above. We are probably living in the most stressed generation ever. People are living in constant fear and the demand on their time and recourses is also at an all time high.

Napoleon Hill author of world best selling book Think And Grow Rich talks about the six basic fears that mankind has to deal with. These are as follows, fear of poverty, ill health, loss of love, criticism, old age and the fear of death.

This indeed is a formidable list of fears that add to the pressure of existing on this planet.

Before you think that my article is all bad news let me clarify that I am seeking to help you see the need to address this topic that is often ignored until too late. I do have a solution and some good news in my article so please don’t stop reading. I am merely building a case so that you may grasp the underlying point.

The primary cause of this high stress factor amongst people is a process called subliminal mind control.

This basically means someone’s ability to control another without the person being aware of what is going on. By the time they wake up it is usually too late.

The advertising and marketing industry is replete with stories of companies that have mastered the art of subliminal mind control and there are many court cases that have been filed.

These companies would flood the market with information about an “upcoming situation” that people needed to be aware of.

This increased awareness would create “mass fear” which in turn influences the language and the actions of the recipients of this information. This environment of mass fear creates an atmosphere conducive for the feared subject to have greater presence.

Without naming companies let me use the pharmaceutical industry as an example. They would warn people of an outbreak of a disease and push a lot of money into marketing and warning the people and offering a solution.

The people respond by mentally adjusting themselves to accommodating this disease and subliminally the human mind begins to create the symptoms of the disease based on the information received.

The battle for the mind, and soul of the consumer of information

The same way pharmaceutical companies use this simple principle to create a market, the food and beverage industry does the same by creating appetites and desires for certain foods.

In neuro-linguistic programming we understand that we can influence a person or group of people into a preordained action by influencing their language, which in turn influences human behavior.

I am a human behavior and personality coach with Target Training International, and part of what we do is help companies understand the personality profiles of their target market with the aim of understanding their behaviors and motivators (the how and why people do what they do).

In this we have learnt that human behavior is largely influenced by the information that is being assimilated.

The word information is derived from the Latin “informare” which means instruct, inform, formation of the mind, instruct, shape develop from within. With this definition now you know why governments need a minister of information.

The assignment is not to just give information but to manage the information that goes to the people so that their minds are structured, formed, shaped or educated to think in a predisposed way. This allows for greater control.

Journalism is often controlled tightly by the state with the intent of influencing how people think. Independent journalism often takes on the assignment of bashing government and propagating more bad news.

Responsible journalism should move people to a place of living better lives. This requires a process of consistently helping people shape from within new paradigms for life, as they desire it – not just reporting how bad things are without a glimmer of hope.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Leaders are dealers in hope”. Meaning to be a leader you inspire a sense of hope in the hearts of people so as to strengthen them to win.

The greatest tool to move a loosing army to a place of victory is a sense of hope. Proverbs writes that when hope is deferred it makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is a tree of life.

Our generation is not looking for more bad news or more peddlers of despair; they are looking for more journalists who can deal in hope.

It is indeed a scarce commodity and I believe that the next breed of millionaires will be selling this amazing commodity. Time and space fail me to continue so watch out for part two in the next publication.


Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a businessman and philanthropist, and publisher of Success Paradigms 101 (www.sp101.co.za). He is author of 20 books and director of 17 companies in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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