I wouldn’t be a Professor today, if it wasn’t for Robert Mugabe


By Professor Richard Chinomona

Despite Mugabe’s mistakes which are highly regrettable, l still believe that l am what l am today because of his education policy. I come from a poor rural background in Muzarabani District.

There is no way l could be a Professor today, groomed my children to be Doctors today if I didn’t benefit from Mugabe’s Education Policy. During our time, education was almost free up to University level.

Like many other Zimbabweans of my age, l happen to be one of the beneficiaries of President Mugabe’s Education policy.

Here is my thinking

My thinking is that once we agree as Zimbabwean on agreeable National Interests, National Vision, National Values, National Principles and National Priorities, that becomes the National Glue and Holding Center for every citizen in Zimbabwe irrespective of your political, economic, social, cultural orientations etc.

What we see in Zimbabwe’s dangerous, unfortunate and regrettable political polarisation is an indication that we don’t have a centre that should hold everyone together irrespective of what.

My thinking is that, Zimbabwe should come first before our individual and political parties Interests. What is Zimbabwe in this case? Zimbabwe is it’s national interests, vision, values, principles, priorities and all its citizens who live in it.

First and foremost, all citizens belong to the Nationhood of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe belongs to all its citizens who live in it.

I believe that there’s no problem on earth that doesn’t have a solution. Solutions are always and already in existence and placed somewhere.

All we need to do is to discover the solutions for our current challenges.

However, this calls for a mindset shift. We can’t continue to do the same old wrong things in a different way or at different times and expect a good, better, excellent or extraordinary miracle to happen.

As a country and as a people – we currently don’t have Agreed National Interests, National Vision, National Values, National Priorities etc. These are the glue that should bind us all at all levels and as a people. These should be touches that guide us all.

Therefore, they should be crafted and agreed upon by the whole. The process of achieving this should be non-partisan.

Agreed National Interests for Zimbabweans

Which ever political leadership in power at any point in power is duty bound by the Agreed National Interests, Vision, Values, Principles and Priorities.

It should be constitutionally illegal for any political leadership to anything that contravene the National Interests, Vision, Values, Principles, and Priorities of Zimbabwe.

Any exceptional changes or additions should be initiated by any of the three spheres of governance, endorsed by the other two but eventually approved in a National Referendum.

These checks and balances makes it difficult for any political leadership to manipulate and abuse its power when it suits or pleases for political expediency or otherwise.

Foreign aid

The truth about donations, international loans, foreign investors and foreign powers. There are no donations that come without any strings attached. There are no loans that are given without interest and conditionalities.

There are no foreign investors who come to Zimbabwe without intentions to exploit the resources and the people of Zimbabwe.

Why is it that those countries that preach democracy and human rights to us never want us to be united but would rather prefer to financially sponsor our political polarization, divisions or even civil war in our countries. The development we all want to see in a modern Zimbabwe can only be done by united ordinary Zimbabweans.

If we pull together our little resources as one people – there is nothing we can not do to rebuild our beloved Zimbabwe.

Yes, as ordinary united Zimbabweans we can raise all the Billions of USA dollars required to build modern power stations, modern irrigation infrastructure for ARDA Estates, modern road and rail infrastructure, modern hospitals, universities, cities and a vibrant industrial sector.

Yes, we can do it – only when we are united as one people. May the Almighty God bless the people and nation of Zimbabwe with wisdom to prosper beyond measure.


Prof Chinomona is with Wits University.



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