Cut out the rhetoric. Our media is a pathetic bunch


By Abraham Gwandiwa


My analysis is based on an argument that we have institutionalised problems in Zimbabwe, problems that are man-made courtesy of laws and policies that need to be looked at and be amended if we are to be a democratic society.

Take Mthuli Ncube, l have no doubt that the guy is smart but the environment that he finds himself in is not enabling at all.

You are told that: here Cde we do things this way, either you adhere and belong, or refuse and be a victim.
You can be a great thinker but the way how things are done in Zanu-PF will reduce you to a moron, this is done through the policies which they use to run the country.

That’s where the problem emanates. You can be a legit someone but if you see everybody around you looting and no one is brought to book, nature of the law tells me that in such environment one is bound to enter the bandwagon.

This leaves a vacuum, where those who are supposed to do the much needed checks n balances to the status quo will be found wanting.

Are they really not aware of what needs to be done to please the majority and safeguard national interests? If they don’t, then how come we have sound ideas from their party political manifesto during election periods?

Same story, two different headlines

With all the resources at their disposal, can’t they design policies to have them equally distributed among the citizens in a bid to promote national interests?

How then do we have those resources benefiting one individual and his immediate family, and play the sanctions card whenever he feels threatened by genuine calls addressing incompetence by them at the helm of political power.

Resources to safeguard political power and fight hegemonic battles are readily available.
Anything that has a party political stamp in it gets a priority over an invention meant to benefit the majority. Really this makes up the basis of our crisis.

Does the privately owned media in Zimbabwe still doing its duty of ‘keeping the government on its toes’? Obviously we can’t talk of fairness in the way our state broadcaster has been carrying its duties since independence.

We have come to know of it as a house which disseminates crude propaganda to the masses.
Media ownership n control now determines what we will read in the papers the following morning.

Having the owner of a private media company which houses the famous DailyNews,(a newspaper which the bourgeoisie at some point had to burn down for uncovering their rot) joining the team of presidential advisors…will we have the same undiluted reality in their stories?

Gwandiwa is with Zimbabwe Migrant support Network Media Department.


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