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Zimbabweans must now all unite under one Party called FreeZim Congress. This a non-racial organization led by Joseph Busha.


By Hon G. Silwangani Ncube

Politics is a set of activities associated with governance of a country or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance-organized control over human community, particularly a state.

Meticulously – politics is not a dirty game. It must be a game of God fearing people, activists and all people who respect rules, laws and culture. True patriots must not suffer from political aparthy.

ln politics there might be a robust debate. But violence,witchcraft and vindictive vendettas do not define the fabric of politics.

They are crimes that emanates from those who suffer from Achilles heel and those who lack superior logic.

Mayhem has become become the order of Zimbabwean politics. People who are supposed to be respected are now suspects. Leadership has become wolves and civilians are now living in trauma. Every poor citizenry is a victim. Death is certain anytime not by accident or natural phenomenon.

The defenceless masses are projected as criminals when ever they express their views otherwise. Our heroes and heroins when they went to war in the second Chimurenga  – they were fighting on the ticket of black consciousness.
Some of them when they came back they became some historical mistakes. Those which they thought they were fighting for they have abandoned. The motive forces which are to benefit from the gains of revolution, the women and youth are mercilessly killed, holocausted and rapaciously abducted.
It is true that political consciousness has escaped Zanu-PF, and when consciousness escapes it doesn’t say goodbye.  Zanu-PF is typical example of a party which has lost its political consciousness. It can’t be true that the party is upholding its aim of “unity, peace and development,” now they are aggravating worse than Mugabe’s era.
It is crystal clear that the Mnangagwa regime has successfully succeeded in destroying and looting of Zimbabwean resources for their personal gain and developing countries like Singapore and Dubai.

Zimbabwe simply needs the basics: clean water, education, health and a compassionate government

The gospel truth is that the oligarchy must go. As Zimbabweans we can’t continue to condone their mischievous behaviour together with their brother in-law MDC which is led by a megalomaniac who is a political fanatic.
Zimbabweans now need an accountable government. A responsive, caring and compassionate government free of greed, corruption and exploitation of one human being by another, and for many by a few.
Moreover Zimbabwe needs a timeless constitution that is understandable and relevant to all persons of any age, gender, racial grouping, religion, origins, physical status or any other aspect that defines life. We also need a constitution that protects the environment.
On a more vibrant note,the citizens want a government that will provide basic essential social services like the provision of access to basics which include education, health, food, clean water and shelter.
All people must be granted access to public transport without any form of discrimination or structural exclusion as inherent rights. Free primary and secondary education at all government schools.
The filibustering of Zanu-PF and its lack of political will has damaged the beautiful country of Zimbabwe.
Our $15 billion is still missing, ZanuPF is a corrupt government a group of mythomaniacs and political nonentities. From Mutare to Victoria Falls, Kariba to Beitbridge no poor ordinary Zimbabwean ever benefited from Marange diamonds.
Zimbabweans must now all unite under one Party called FreeZim Congress. This a non-racial organization led by Joseph Busha.
The party has no any history of corruption, thereby making it an alternative to create a free corrupt government.
The abundance of minerals in Zimbabwe as portrayed by a yellow colours in our national flag, portrays that if Zimbabwe gets a proper governance the country will excel and retain its status of being the bread basket of Africa.
Running a country is not like running a spaza shop.Qualified people must be hired in departments. In Zimbabwe the most intellectually challenged person is employed to run a ministry.

Shona teachers have been hired to teach children in Matabeleland. Why?

Shona teachers have been hired to teach children in Matabeleland. Why? No skills tested, no research done, just political appointments that do not make sense.
80% of word’s lithium is deposed in Zimbabwe. The country can grow its economy through battery manufacturing. The government must be a major role player in the economy, not corrupt individuals who will prioritise to maximise the profits rather than safety of workers.
Honestly let all Zimbabweans now understand that they carry the mandate of the future generations. Zimbabwe belongs to all of us all, the black and white. Tonga, Shona,  Ndebeles, Christians and Muslims let us cordially unite and vote for a man who is a messenger of peace, a God fearing somebody who believes that humanity was created by the most high and they have right to live.
There are many masquerading political parties in Zimbabwe but we do not know what they stand for,its a concoction thugs and nonsense. The truth is that MDC has connived with the black capitalists, the demagogue ZANU-PF to barter the happiness of millions with a scented smile. As citizens we cannot correct a tendency with a tendency let us all unite and reject old wine, and old wine in new bottles.
The royal psalmist,David the King wrote: 
“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee,
Peace be within thy walls,and prosperity within thy palaces” (Psalms 122:5-6).
Zimbabweans let us pray for Zimbabwe,its our God given country. FREEZIM CONGRESS is the only alternative. VOTE JM BUSHA
WRITTEN BY: Hon G.Silwangani Ncube. Shadow MP for: Gweru Urban constituency.
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely those of the writer, and do not in any way reflect the editorial policy of Zimbabwe Digital News or its editorial staff.

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