Child’s Call rolls out drive to support Zimbabwe’s victims of Cyclone Idai


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Child’s Call has raised R99 000 in an initial roll-out of a campaign to assist thousands of Zimbabweans who were affected after Cyclone Idai ravaged parts of Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands, Mozambique and Malawi in March.

Child’s Call Association is a non-profit association created by a group of women in South Africa who were moved to respond to the plight of vulnerable school children who woke up to find that not only had they lost their books, stationery and uniforms – but others had lost entire schools, teachers and schoolmates to Cyclone Idai.

The news of the Zim/SA initiative came as newspapers reported this week that over 700 people in 170 households in Chimanimani – whose homes were destroyed by the Cyclone Idai in March – are still living in tents as the rainy season approaches.

Most are panicking as the Manicaland provincial administration was in a frantic race against time to source building materials, money and essentials amid growing calls for tents and emergency supplies.

Patron for Child’s Call Dr Jessica Hamadziripi told guests and officials from Zimbabwe’s business community that there was an urgent need for teaching and learning materials in schools affected by Cyclone Idai.

Theirs as Child’s Call was an invitation to Zimbabwe’s business community in South Africa – and across the world – to come together and assist in providing school supplies, and empower learners of Zimbabwe.

” I cannot describe the tragedy that the survivors of Cyclone Idai went through. Virtual communities were swept away, people lost everything, and lives were disrupted beyond measure. As Child’s Call, we are grateful for the amount that we have managed to raise today, but we are saying, how is enough.

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“This is the time for organisations and well-wishers to say, the water that caused the suffering may have dried, but who has gone back there to check on the plight of the children. That is what we are about, and we call upon anyone who can come on board, to do it for the children of Zimbabwe,” said Dr Hamadziripi.

She emphasised that while the international community had been generous in donating relief aid to Zimbabwe at the height of the devastation. Dealing with humanitarian crises did not stop when international organisations also left the scene.

The event at Houghton Golf Club this week is the first in a series of campaigns designed to source, co-ordinate and distribute relief material, including school uniforms, school shoes, books, stationery, school supplies and teaching equipment for an initial 90 000 school children.

Funerals Services Providers join forces

Zimbabwe Ambassador to SA, David Hamadziripi said that there were many things that Zimbabweans were doing in the diaspora, much of which never got reported in the media.

“I encourage all Zimbabweans to please invite us, as the Embassy, if you have got such events going. We have many of our people who are doing great work in humanitarian efforts, others obtain doctorates and others do amazing things. Let us know so that we give you the recognition that you deserve,” he said.

Zororo Phumulani business manager Brian Makunike praised his team, and the team from Nyaradzo in joining forces for a noble cause.

“To sponsor the event which Nyaradzo is also sponsoring is natural especially when you look at the nobility of the cause. We are both rallying behind a good cause in keeping with our ideals of lending a hand wherever and whenever we can.

“We have been brought together by what is right, and we would like to encourage other corporates to follow suit and sponsor such events. Our deliberate commitment as companies that operate on funeral space is to have as many of our people to prepare for assured events, but also they are covered in terms of policies,” he said.

Nyaradzo Funeral Services managing director Webster Chikengezha said it was an honour for the business to partner with Zororo Phumulani, Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group, FGZ Holdings, and Strategic Dimensions in heeding Child’s Call to get involved with such a humanitarian programme.

He said Nyaradzo was pushing ahead with the Sahwira International Plan, which will see the company providing funeral services for all Zimbabweans living in the diaspora, and on the international market.

The event, organised under the auspices of the Brawlers in Business, and the Brawlers Golf Club, saw two of Zimbabwe’s biggest funeral service providers on the Zim/SA corridor, Nyaradzo, and Zororo Phumulani, square off with 16 players each on the golf course – only to be (re)united for a common cause in humanitarian relief at the 19th.

Also in attendance was the Dominican Ambassador to SA, and the Mozambican Ambassador to SA.

At least R99 000 was raised in the post-match auction, and details for the next stage of the campaign will be communicated in the press.

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