Putting challenge in the streams, as Brawlers grind out a match at Jackal Creek


By Leo Mapfirakupa

Although attendance was on the low, this week the Brawlers had a good time at the hilly Jackal Creek Golf course. Most of the holes were playing into the wind, pausing a challenge on selecting appropriate clubs.

It is indeed a creek, with numerous streams running through out the course and the shy jackals randomly pops out around the course. Putting was the determining factor for  everyone as the greens were  slow at this unfamiliar course.

Getting to the green was not an uphill task but putting was intractable and it indeed separated boys from man.

It was rewarding for the likes of Ngoni Munetsi who were quick to master the appropriate putting technique.

It was clear that Ngoni Munetsi was back to claim his glory, the Tour Champion proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he has mastered the game of golf by shooting a massive 39 points off a 6 handicap.

Munetsi warned President Tau Nkomo that he was going to thrash him before teeing off – and these threatening words  worked as a weapon against the President. Wesley Ncube was also a victim of Ngoni as he lost 4 & 3 in a match play.

Allistair Magumise made the most of course management to move into a second place finishing at this aloof course.

There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and it is true that hard work pays. Simukai Mandizvidza overcame a poor start to surge into a powerful back nine. It was a glorious moment for the South African based DJ as he finally joined the podium on third place, shooting 36 points off a 14 handicap.

Brawlers President Tau Nkomo was subjugated 4 & 3 by Raymond Bombo in a match play.

Maybe it was due to fatigue since he opted for his push cart, however his other conqueror Munetsi carried his bag at his back the entire course and still manged to outshine the President.

This could be a signal that age is catching up with the President and next time he should settle for a club car in such hilly courses and reserve his push cart for relatively even courses.

It was a bad day in office for Captain Fidel Zimbango as he lost to Raymond Bombo. As if this loss was not enough the Captain lost even his side bets.

Although he is consistent in his scoring, his lately failure to ascent has given his Deputy Secretary General, an amateur golfer confidence to challenge him for future match plays.

The fact that Ovid Chitsiku was playing is a clear sign of courage in it’s own right given his late poor performance. It was another terrible day for the veteran as he shot 14 points after a complete round of golf. Despite having the longest day two consecutive weeks there was a one point improvement.

It is clear that this has nothing to do with course quality as he has exhibited this tawdry play consistently in different courses.

Hoza Friday kicking over at Cosmo City

His aspiration for brighter days should however be applauded and it is my prayer and hope that he reinvent himself and again find the winning formula for he is indeed a decorated and seasoned golfer.

It was hoza Friday in the neighboring Motswako and Cosmo City as the loud music from these surrounding high density suburbs sounded like the course has speakers on every hole.

This Friday Brawlers will play at Bryanston Golf Course were Escobar will be the sponsor of the day.

It will be a prize ceremony with a difference as all golfers will heard to the opulent Escobar around 18:00hrs.

The sponsor is offering exclusive promotions to the golfers at the 19th hole. If Ovid continues with his current performance, at least there will be some consolation at the last hole.

On the 29th of November all roads lead to Johannesburg Country Club (CCJ) for the Brawlers end of year party.

In a bid to make it cheaper for members to market their businesses, attractive sponsorship packages have been put in place.

It is Brawlers’ philosophy to provide its members with opportunities to grow their businesses through different marketing platforms. For as little as R5000 a business will get a hole to market itself, at the fully booked CCJ golf course. In addition, this amount covers green fees for a four ball and the sponsor will have space for a banner at the party venue.

Confirmed results
Friday 15 November Brawl⛳️
Jackal Creek Golf Club

1. Ngoni 39
2. Allistair 37
3. Simukai 36
4. Ray 34
5. Norman 34
6. Taps 34
7. Webster 31
8. Kuda 30
9. Wesley 29
10. Ralphael 29
11. Walter 29
12. Fidel 28
13. Remmy 28
14. Innocent 23
15. Tau 28
16. Rob 28
17. Leo 17
18. Ovid 14





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