Politics, sanctions and economic freedom in Zimbabwe’s lifetime


This week Zimbabwe Digital News sat down with Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters National Chairperson, General Shelton Chiyangwa. He is also the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Migrants Support Network.

This is what he said.

1. What is the current status of the EFF Zimbabwe

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak to you and all Zimbabweans across the globe. Good week to you at Zim Digital News. It’s our culture to greet first before getting into business. Ukangoti dyoo vanhu vanovhunduka ka (if you get straight to the point people get scared).

EFF Zimbabwe as you know is occupying the political space both in the country and in the diaspora. Our ideology is being received in an overwhelming way. We are recruiting and formulating structures everywhere in preparation of our upcoming National Congress scheduled for later this year.

2. Did the party contest the elections of July 31, 2018?

Yes the EFF Zim participated in the July 31st 2018 elections under the Rainbow Coalition of Zimbabwe.

We also contested the Cowdry Park(Bulawayo) local government by elections. As EFF Zim we demand root and branch electoral reforms and an Independent Electoral Board to run and conduct elections in Zimbabwe.

3. How did you perform in the elections?

The party has done very well in all elections we have participated in, especially the Cowdry Park by elections.We gained a lot of valuable experiences ,lessons and exposure to the political terrain.

4. Did you win any seats and how many MPs does it have?

We do not have any seats both in Parliament or local government at the moment.

5. The EFF has released an interim organisational structure, saying deployments will be decided at the National Assembly? What are the main issues going into the national assembly?

Thank you for that question. Yes we have an Interim Organizational structure in place and is very effective with Cde Innocent Ndibali as our Commander- in- Chief. Yes that is correct a substantive structure has to come from the congress and it is going to be from the grassroots through our congress processes as enshrined in our party constitution.
The National Congress is scheduled for late this year probably in December at a date and venue to be announced soon once all the preparations are in place.

6. What is the focus of the EFF Zimbabwe right now?

Right now our focus is directed on making sure that all Zimbabweans get the economic revolution message and understand it. We are doing this through one- on- one engagements, social media, door to door campaigns and soon through a number of radical protests and demonstrations to be rolled out across the country.

7 Your view over comments that the opposition parties in Zimbabwe are not united, and because of such disunity, it swings the balance of power to Zanu PF?

Comrade, unity is such when people have one understanding, one voice and trust among themselves. It is not true that opposition parties in Zimbabwe lose elections because they are not united.

We have a number of coalitions and alliances in the country but they always fall victim to the electoral manipulations by Zanu PF. These coalitions and alliances leaders always have excuses at the end of the day. They call for demonstrations and they don’t pitch and people die only to see them peeping through office windows.
Zanu Pf is a revolutionary party which can only be removed by a revolutionary party and so far only EFF Zim can remove Zanu PF come 2023.

8. Your position on gender and regional parity of party leaders and structures?

As much as there should be a balance on gender and region in party leadership, EFF Zim believes in capacity and capability regardless of one’s gender or region. Leadership is from the people and the people will select and vote for their leadership at a congress.

9. Your view of the fight for economic freedom in Zimbabwe?

Under Zanu Pf government only the elite have economic freedom and the majority are suffering and for the past 4 decades the situation is getting worse day by day. EFF Zim believes in economic freedom for all regardless of one’s political affiliation,religious beliefs,dialect or tribe.

We have non negotiable cardinal pillars that EFF Zim demands should be implemented for Zimbabweans to have a true independence and complete economic freedom.

10. What is your position on sanctions?

Zim EFF believes that sanctions are a gross human rights abuse.We condemn in strongest terms the imperialist and capitalist tendencies towards sovereign state by imposing sanctions which affects ordinary persons on the streets.These imperialists claim to have targeted only certain individuals and companies they are involved with but the truth is all those targeted are enjoying life while the ordinary citizens are suffering because of these sanctions.

11. Any other comments

We do hereby accordingly call upon all Zimbabweans across the breath and length of country and diaspora to be a part of this great movement. EFF Zim is the only alternative that Zimbabwe had been waiting for to take us to economic and political freedom and emancipation. Freedom without economic freedom is no freedom.

The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Zimbabwe Digital News. The General, Shelton Chiyangwa is Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters National Chairperson. Call him on 📞+27 60 827 9035 or 📧shellaztapson@gmail.com


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