Success – on its own – is simply a Do-It-Yourself business


By Aubrey Mavhuli


As the year ends most people are tired, and most minds are not thinking actively of course about 2020. But for those that will court success in the next year the end of the year is an opportunity for reflection on the year that’s passing and re-strategize for the upcoming year.
For some, resolutions are being baked for 2020. Most people look forward to a better year with high hopes but as I have found out, no year brings better things. The year doesn’t have hands, it has got no suitcases. It carries nothing with its inception. Success is not found in a new year; success is a few things I will highlight here.

Success is goals

First things first, success is goals. If you had no goals for the year that’s approaching, you would be luck to achieve anything of significance. Most people have dreams and high hopes for the new year, but dreams mean nothing unless they have a deadline and followed by a specific action that has to be followed to reach a defined goal.
What ever your dreams, whatever your goals for next year, reverse engineer the outcome you want to attain by tracing the specific steps you would need to take to attain your goals. Be specific with how much and how often you would need to do what you ought to do to court your success.

Success requires extreme ownership

If you must succeed you have to stop apportioning blame. Clearly, the reason others don’t succeed is because they think “the problem is somewhere else without”. When things don’t work out, they look for someone to blame. To be successful requires one to take extreme ownership in their success. The attitude that works is to say, “if it succeeds it’s because of me, if it fails its because of me.” The best way to picture this is with the economy and climate being the same in any country there is always people that make it. The secret is to learn not to accept any reason as good enough for your failure. If others can do it, so can you. There is no excuse acceptable enough for your failure.

Success is discipline

John Maxwell is the one who said,” talent is cheaper than table salt.” The world is not short of talent or talented people, but strategic talented people are in short supply. A person with talent may starve or even die the life of a failure. But a person with a plan or a strategy will triumph over a talented directionless man. Having a plan is not the end but having a plan that can be followed up and implemented is the stuff that separates the losers from the winners. The road to hell is said to be, “often littered with good intentions, but the road to success is that of discipline to implement.”

Success is habits

If you are not courting success as much as you want, like I said before, you must not blame anyone. Just review your habits. Habits are some form of a seed. You can’t sow lemons and reap apples; it has never happened and never will. Success is an outcome, its like Brian Tracy says, “an effect.” The secret to success is to find what habit brings forth success

Fail fast learn faster

Some people are afraid of failure, in fact they are paralysed by it. But every successful person has failed before. The issue is not whether successful people have failed before but how they have responded to failure. Success requires correct response to failure. Successful people don’t quit despite the detours, despite what they experience.

Success is action

Dreamers dream but successful people act. They act on their dreams. Action is the answer to success. It doesn’t matter how much you dream, doesn’t matter how much you plan and strategize unless you act on your plans. Success is a long way coming.

As 2019 comes to a halt, let this be clear what they say; that failure to plan is planning to fail. You can’t dream your goals to come to pass. Unless you are not serious you have to know this that success is a do it yourself job. It can’t be delegated. The good news however is that success follows principles. Success is repeatable. Success is reproduceable. Success is learnable.

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli. Mavhuli is author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing that brings results & Chief Copywriter and Marketing Consultant at He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a copywriting & marketing consultancy, solar installations company, and an Ecocash Shop in Germiston. He is a motivational speaker and trainer who speaks on: marketing, copywriting, sales, leadership and success. Email: Cell 0722711079




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