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TRP catering is a rregistered company that was founded by 3 individuals namely Ms Ruvarashe G, Mr Thabani N and Ms Prudence S who are coaching students of BNC founded  by Mr Munyaradzi Dongo.

The name TRP is a combination of the owners initials. It is a brainchild of BNC . Through Mr Dongo’s coaching sessions ,he discovered that these three  had the same goal and passion in common which is food. He then proposed that these three could perhaps start a Catering Company since again they are all BNC and MR M DONGO students. “This was a huge step that we had to take, but it was worth it”  said Ruvarashe.

The company was successfully launched on the  15th of October at the Capetonian hotel durIng one of the biggest events of BNC called The Mega Networking were we had delegates from as far as Eastern Cape and Gauteng . Our targeted market are the corporate companies in Cape Town ,the residents of Cape Town at large for we are also offering catering services for small and big  events like weddings ,parties , engagements and even funerals.


As TRP We offer the following services

  • Big and small Events catering
  • Cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Muffins
  • We also provide event stuff i.e waiters and waitresses


Contact details:

Prudence S

062 5749679

Ruvarashe G

074 0248679

Thabani N

078 0236463


Comment on this report: Call/text/whatsapp: (+27) 834767918


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