Tissue is more than just paper: The 100 Sailors


By Takudzwa Chikepe


There are some things that look natural, yet they are man_made! And there are other things that look so simple yet very complicated! Like, Tissue paper!

Just mentioning ‘Tissue paper’ instantly relates to different assumptions, views, conclusions and even toilet paper stories!

Below is an example of such stories:

“In 1973, America experienced first toilet paper shortage. In December 1973 after one of Carson’s jokes (Johnny Carson, one of America’s most loved comedians) scared consumers into stockpiling supplies.

At the time, people did not speak of the toilet paper frequently. In conservative era it was ‘unmentionable” to talk about this product. However, people had a desire for better hygiene and toilet paper slowly fit into the consumer market.”

When did toilet paper fit into the African market by the way?

Back to tissue paper! It is not only used as a toilet paper, it is also used as a paper handkerchief, table napkin, household towel, wrapping tissue and wipes.

“Apart from above, a range of speciality tissues are also manufactured to be used in the packing industry. These are used for wrapping/packing various items, cushioning fragile items, stuffing in shoes, bags and to keep shape intact or while packing/folding to keep them wrinkle free and safe”.

Indeed, leaves, mealie-cobs, sticks, rags and newspapers were and are famously used in Africa in place of toilet paper for a very long time.

What more shall I say about the tissue paper…? PaMtukudzi (Norton)has been celebrating our Exquisite _Consistent Poetry Indulgence in Norton since (29 June to 30 November) and we still going strong.

This week we will explore the theme *”TISSUE PAPER”*

See you there! And remember to invite a Poet, an Artist and a Friend!

More Love and More Blessings!

Long Live Poetry! And see you there…

Yours in ink

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The sheer definition of that word: Love


By Cliff Phiri

Machines work and rest, the heart is restless.
Magnets attracts with distance; but love is unseasonal.

Feelings go, love remains forever.
Human days are numbered; but love is unmeasurable.

In love a vain man is seen mysterious.
Tears of a miss tells it all.
Words will never express.
Love time is never adequate.
Sacrifice counts.

Love lubricates the wheel of life and gives one language.
The passion is to drop water to the thirsty soul.
With love the universe was saved and so is a family built.

The heat is never felt.
Joy is the theme.
Out of all hurt and pain, love nurses the deep wounds.
To the most deep part of a heart love reaches.

The question never answered by money; why love exists?
The non-exhaustable gift of all.
Cold, sunny or rainy days never determine.

Humans pass but not love.
What a man loves he can never be reminded.

Love is the principle; It marries a commoner to a princess.
We all wonder and will remain wondering, but there is no answer to the acts of
Show me the chronicles of love i will show you eternity.

Don’t blame _them_ for the dark past; for it was out of their love for something.

No inventor ever can bring the brakes to the wheel of love.
Who is joy? : the child of love.

Love is so ignorant of bounderies.
It is the best thread to remake a broken heart.
Noone can escape the captivity of the loving heart.
It is a lock with a lost key.

Fake love says ‘i love because…’, for conditions do end.
A man said ‘nail me and cut my breath’, because he loved! .
Much wealth is in a loving heart.
Who can exhaust the treasures in there?
Surely its the most precious gift of divinity to humanity.




You get more from what you expect

By Frank Nyamudero

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. – Michael Jordan

A lot of us live in a space where we have lack or no expectations at all.

We live in a space where anything goes and nothing seems to be directed well.

All great things that we reach to achieve in life it all comes from one’s desires and expectations.

If you expect less of yourself, you can’t really achieve more and make great strides.
Before we even think of doing anything to achieve our goals in life.
Your actions, choices, attitude and networks you build are a direct result of your expectations.
Never think you will become the person people expect you to be but what you expect yourself.

Change your expectations to be able to get the best out of yourself. You are a result of your expectations.




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