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We stand for the interests of Zimbabwe, and as the Brawlers – we are angry

The Brawlers Golf Club President, Tau Nkomo at CCJ this week


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Brawlers Golf Society members found their voices in numbers this week, and there was no shortage of emotion at the Brawlers year end dinner at the CCJ.

Brawlers President Tau Nkomo said at the beginning of his speech that he would have loved to deliver (this) his message to Ambassador David Hamadziripi in person – but since the Ambassador did not manage to pitch – he was happy to settle delivery of the message to Wa Makaruru – who was representing the Ambassador.

“I have a message for the government of our beloved country – Zimbabwe. Would have loved to give this message to the Ambassador himself, but Wa Makaruru, since you are representing his excellency, I will give you the simple message.

“Let me make it clear that we are not a political party, but we stand for the interests of Zimbabweans who share the same ethos and values with us – and of course the voiceless.

“Zimbabweans in the diaspora are not there by choice, the situation at home drove us away. We always dream of going back home. We have the interests of ourselves and other Zimbabweans at heart, and we want to help you and the government to rebuild our country.

“Much as we try to put Zimbabwe on the map, our efforts are being thwarted in the same way that a mother kills a cockroach in her kitchen – viciously.

“We are not happy, we are disappointed in the system, the corruption and the looting that is destroying our country.

“Our efforts to rebuild the country are being sabotaged for selfish reasons. The Zimbabwe that we want, the Zimbabwe that we had before the 1990s, remains a pipeline dream, and the future of our children looks and remains bleak.

“Please hear our cry.

I am Tau Nkomo, President of the Brawlers Golf Club.

This speech was delivered at the Brawlers 2019 end of year dinner at CCJ. This after Nkomo had thanked the acting Consul General Chengetai Murahwa for coming to the event, as well as paying tribute to former President Rob Mhishi, Brawlers Golf Captain Fidel Zimbango and the Golf Sport Committee for organising the event.

He also thanked his wife Mihla for always being on point.

He observed all protocol, thanked the sponsors Nyaradzo Group, Arkein Capital, ANG Africa and Zororo Phumulani Doves.

Nkomo told Zimbabwe Digital News on the sidelines that the Brawlers had invested resources in abundance to the $400 NRZ-Transnet-DIDG consortium, and the organisation was upset with the skulduggery that was playing out in some of the government departments in Zimbabwe.

“There is a lot more that is going on that we will tell you about. You are our mouthpiece. We cannot keep quiet when we are being sabotaged like this. The goalposts keep changing all the time, and we want to make it clear that we shall explore all legal routes to fix this problem.

He said that he would continue to narrate the story of how government had let its citizens down, and if given a chance to deliver his message – even if he were to go to Zimbabwe and deliver it to the President’s office – he would do it.


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