Take risks: if you win, you will be happy: if you lose you will be wise


By Aubrey Mavhuli


I know of a few men who have been threatening to start a business since I have known them. Some are well educated, not that education is a prerequisite for what they want to do.

Every time I meet them, they are impressed, or should I say they look impressed about the kind of businesses I have gone on to start. I must admit a few of them went belly up sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. That taught me there is no guarantee for success but still that didn’t deter me going on to try some more.

I have noticed something else about people that are successful. Success here is taken to mean reaching pre-stated goals. Without pre-stated clear goals success is elusive. Goals are a prerequisite for success but that’s a topic for another day.

Today I want to talk about the things that sabotage success.


Sometimes we look at the heroes of success and cower at what they have achieved in one lifetime. Like I have always taught, “overnight success takes time”. What makes us afraid? There are many reasons for fear of pursuing our goals. There is always the question of “what if it fails?”

Success requires us to ask not, what if it fails but better questions. Better questions may be what could cause this to fail and how do I guard against it failing? Has anyone done it before me? If they have, how did they tame their success.

What could be the worst thing that could happen if it fails? Warren Buffet one of the most successful billionaire investors of all time says: “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose you will be wise.” There is nothing worth conquering if it’s not scary. There is no point in conquering level ground is there?

The biggest reason why we fear failure is not because failure is just scary, but our pride and our egos take a huge knock when we fail. What we simply need to know is like Winston Churchill says, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Failure is not always an enemy, if you try and fail you learn if you succeed you got achievement as your reward. So whatever your dream don’t let fear paralyse you.


The problem with procrastination is that it’s some strong form of self-sabotaging. You never start because you think you have got all the time in the world. It’s a way of avoiding the failure that may come once you start. Yourself esteem may be at play here.

The more confidence you got and the better your self-esteem, the less you are likely to procrastinate. The truth though is that if you hesitate you lose.

You got have it drilled in you that there is no better time like now and no better day than today. You can’t blame your lack of progress on the day or the time. You got own up and take extreme ownership of your own success.

Blaming others

Doesn’t it seem interesting that our very egos and pride would love for us to blame someone else. We would love to blame the government for our predicament. The community, our parents and even our bosses or our spouses may have a part in everything that goes wrong in our lives. There is no doubt they are all often culpable, but the truth is we have got the final word on our own success. That’s why I say success is a do it yourself job.

Fear, procrastination and blaming others are success saboteurs. They are all not external but internal saboteurs for our very own success. Nike advert is the one that clearly nails it,” Just Do It”. Whatever your dreams whatever your goals you won’t get them achieved while you are threatening to do them. Just do it.


Success – on its own – is simply a Do-It-Yourself business

Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and Chief Copywriter and Marketing Consultant at Supervaluecopy.com.

He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a Copywriting & Marketing Consultancy, Solar installations company, an Eco cash shop and a mixed farm in Gauteng. He is a motivational speaker and trainer on Marketing, copy writing, sales, leadership and success. Email : aubrey@supervaluecopy.com, www.supervaluecopy.com Cell 0722711079



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