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With sword in hand, Tariro Ndlela Slays the Dragon, against all odds: Part One

The book is about overcoming fear and procrastination subtitled Taking a no-failure Approach to Self-development and Success.

By Tariro Ndlela

During the day Tariro Ndlela is a customs agent at Beit Bridge border – clearing imports and exports, vehicles,goods and products and anything between

He is 25, born on the May 25, 1994 at Chitungwiza General Hospital.

At night things change – completely. He is an author, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a life coach. He has grown through series of hardships, ill-fated background, unfortunate state of affairs, depression, heartbreak, despair, brokenness, disappointments, loss and failure, to become the man he is now.

Some of these experiences would have totally destroyed his aspirations and inspirations but they became the very source of his rise to success.

His experiences of life have given him strength beyond anyone’s wildest expectations and allowed him to redefine success and growth which witnesses to his interest in individual and institutional capacity development, and success.
Born from a poor family of seven, and being the first son meant a lot of responsibilities and expectations from both his parents and siblings.

One of the most important discovery he has made that changed how he looks at life was to identify his purpose earlier in life – one thing that most of his peers are still struggling with. Before making a lot of money – any money – discovering his purpose in life was his ultimate desire.

His passion for people development, empowerment, progress, success and growth ignited a burning desire to find a way he can reach out to people with: to inspire, develop, promote, motivate and add value to their existence and one such way was through writing and speaking.

Tariro was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Life was difficult for him, his family was going through financial constraints when he was doing his O levels which affected his secondary education. At some point he spent time away from school – but he still managed to graduate from high school.

He enrolled at Great Zimbabwe University and dropped out in his third year after industrial attachment assessment due to intensified financial constraints.

This did not deter him but made him make better decisions and empowered him to look at life with different set of eyes.

Efforts of looking for jobs to raise funds to finance his tertiary education were fruitless.

Perhaps it was the universe giving him a new perspective, to harness his abilities and promote his existence through not a socially identifiable way.

He identified his writing and speaking abilities when he was at university and worked tirelessly privately developing these skills.

What inspired the book: Slaying the Dragon?

My first inspiration is my story of life, the experiences, the pain, the suffering, lack, loss, disappointments, poverty, confusion etc. Everything that I have listed above are results of a life whose foundations were built on a weak financial background.

So, the desire to want to change the course of my life, my family’s as well and of others has always been a major push factor that made me never want to become comfortable in being a victim of what happened to me by default or create a comfort zone on nothingness.

This burning desire to create a more better life for my family and I challenged me to look within and cleanse the lenses I viewed the world with. I started upholding the fact that the world doesn’t owe me anything – not even an explanation.

If I wanted to be better, lead a better life, I had to rise up look face to face with my immediate reality and challenge whatever systems or barriers that kept me down.

My first source of inspiration was my life. Imagine dropping out of school, not being able to afford the least that an ordinary kid must have or having an insatiable need that could never be satisfied.

I made up my mind way before I started drawing strength from other people that – I have to explore, try and fail until I create a life that I wanted.

Along the way I discovered that the best gift that you can give someone is not money or a place to lay their head temporarily or material things but inspiration and motivation that allows them to tap into the potential, power to create wealth and a life within them.

Probably the only reason why people anguish in poverty and lack without having realised their purpose or make use of their abilities is because they didn’t get any inspiration from anyone, nobody told them whatever you need is right within you.

The world is full of negative energy, discriminatory systems, negative words and speeches that eat on potential.

We grew up being told you cannot achieve anything or be anything. The society embraces failures and has a place for such people. If anyone tries to believe in the extraordinary there is always someone to give plenty of reasons why the world has no place for dreamers and visionaries.

If it wasn’t inspiration, I couldn’t have believed I can

Am I deep into motivation? YES. Power to live the rightful life that we deserve is right within every one of us. So how do we tap into that power to create the life that we want? Inspiration.

What does inspiration do? Inspiration provokes the sleeping giant is us. It gives impetus to jaded desires, it gives us an awakening, those who becomes successful got inspiration from someone.

We all have stories that if we can share can change how we look at circumstances and life at different times as life happens differently to us.

The experiences I have gone through and how I managed to manoeuvre around obstacles may empower someone when similar situations come along. If it wasn’t inspiration, I couldn’t have believed I can.

What is the book about?

The book is about overcoming fear and procrastination subtitled Taking a no-failure Approach to Self-development and Success.

A daring and promising new take on contemporary motivational ideologies written in the most simplified diction for refined understanding.

The book heavily draws from psychology, science, biblical and real-time experiences and business classical influences, all blended together into an interesting fusion of motivational literature.

The first 2 chapters exposes fear and procrastination, unpacking all different forms of fear and how they enslave the person, how they kill the fire of passion and completely takes over. Effects of procrastination are also discussed and their dire effects on self-development.

The third chapter gives individuals new relevant tools to overcome fear and procrastination with. Not a nuclear manual but a set of practical psycho-scientific tools that addresses fear from the mind, because today our fears are not real, scary monsters but a conditioning that has happened intrinsically, an effect of our reaction to the psychology of life.

So we deal with fear by re-engineering our minds and attitudes towards a more desirable state of affairs.

How can people access the book?

The book will be available on Amazon and ebay very soon. Plans of putting the book online are underway. At the moment only print copies are available and can be delivered by order.
Contact numbers for a copy. +263 779 692124 call or whatsapp


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