Dande Mutande: When we unite, we are a web, and we go beyond The Friday Mix

By Donald Mushove
*Dande Mutande*
 And there was a forest,
Predators thriving skillfully,
The Lion, king of the wild,
Master of camouflage,
Hyena, the laughing scavenger,
The guy who smells death,
Kill and I will be there to feast,
The only animal who knows how to be merry at a feast,
Eat and laugh,
What could be better?
But of all the masters of stealth,
I liked but one,
The spider,
Hiding in plain sight
A predator, not so much of a predator to others,
But actually very dangerous,
The guy sets a web,
A network,
This is the guy who first set a network ever,
Hahahaha, you never knew,
I know,
He uses his waste to make something magnificent,
Dande Mutande!!!
And so he declares,
Cross this space and I will make a meal out of you,
He means his word,
So principled,
Zzzzzzzzzzzz a dragon fly is passing,
Catch catch, it is stuck on the web,
Not so dragon anymore,
The web reports to the master,
The vibrations come to the centre,
The spider rushes to the prey,
Five times bigger than the spider,
What a challenge,
If a spider was a man, it would say let this pass,
The resilient spider goes to the prey,
Says I told you,
Stiiiing it gives a poisonous injection,
And starts to bundle the prey
Bundling with the funny silky poop,
What a lesson!!
Dande Mutande,
Set a network,
The network will vibrate to the centre,
And we will mix,
Friday mix,
Vibrations of the network,
The task is so huge,
If there was no network,
He would give up,
But when the vibrations come,
He is at the centre,
Waiting with the killer punch,
And a giant is slain
What is he saying,
Dande Mutande,
We need each other,
Do your part,
I do mine,
Use your skills,
I will use mine,
We are nobodies when we go solo,
We are a web when we unite,
A powerful community,
And we mix what we have,
And let’s start with a Friday Mix,
But it goes beyond Fridays,
It’s a network,
It’s a society,
It’s a community
It is strength,
It is power
It is civilisation
Dande Mutande summarises all
Hail Dande Mutande
*Donald Mushove @OGmediaguru +263 777479781 15-12-2019 Poetic Dee*
Donald Mushove

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