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Success is Do it Yourself Column 8: Your direction in life, is determined by your habits

By Aubrey Mavhuli


Success is a harvest, your habits are a seed

You are the harvest of the seed you have planted in the past but more so a harvest of the seed you continuously plant. If you want to harvest a different crop you must change the seed. Changing the soil or the fertiliser will be of no effect.

This is why I insist success is habits. Your success and all your accomplishments are mostly a function of your clear goals and a relentless habit in pursuit of them.

If success is eluding, you check your goals and check your habits.

Success is a habit of setting clear goals

The first step to your success is obvious, set clear goals. Clarity of vision and clarity of purpose is key to your success. You can’t reach a destination that you can’t see.

You are doomed if you don’t set the goal and doomed if you don’t know what it is. Set goals and milestones and start working.
Your habits take time to form take time to choose them.

Real habits that stick take a long time to form. The most common time is thirteen weeks or ninety-one days to form habits that last. If you must achieve anything in this life do something for ninety-one days none stop.

Chose a habit that helps you become successful. Do you want to lose weight? Gym or exercise for ninety-one days. Do you want to write a book?

Write a page a day for ninety-one days. Do you want to pass your exams schedule and study for ninety-one days? Do you want your business to grow market daily and sell daily for ninety-one days?

Your habits are often your choice, no one else to blame.

Some habits might have been forced upon us by external influences and circumstances, but we still have the right to choose to follow them. Circumstances don’t live inside of us neither do external influences, at the end of the day we are our own habits.

We are not born with habits we build them up throughout our life. It said that “human beings are creatures of habits.” If you don’t like the results you are getting change your results. In-fact if you manage your habits you manage your life.
Discipline is habits under control.

Imagine if you wanted to finish high school in twelve or 13 years wouldn’t you regularly attend school and regularly study and revise. If you haphazardly attended school when you were in the mood or felt like it, would you pass anything! Of-course not. Success requires you to put your habits under control.

Make a habit of reading and learning new skills.

Reading gives you a passport to travel to cultures and places you have never been before. Reading gives you experience you never had and knowledge you never knew. It is reported that Bill Gates one of the world’s successful business leaders has previously shared that he reads around 50 books per year.

He is quoted to have said about reading that it was, “the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.” Sometimes your success is bound in the skills you don’t have or the knowledge you lack. Make a habit of reading and learning.

Make a habit of choosing associates that challenge you to pursue your goals.
Some associations are toxic, some are poison personified. Chose yours wisely.

Blaming all else apart from self is terrible habit.

Don’t make a habit of blaming external factors. Take the blame and move forward with your life.

Don’t make a habit of delaying your success by procrastination. Grab the bull by the horns and toss it in the air immediately.

If your bull has to be grabbed and tossed into the air why wait for tomorrow. The greatest of successful people identify their habits that cause them to fail and develop new habits that drive their success.
“Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practicing specific, simple habits that always lead to success”.

Robert J. Ringer. Author of Million Dollar Habits summed it all up better than I can ever do.
Identify the habits pulling you down. Dump them. Identify four new habits you will pursue unashamedly, relentlessly to reroute your life to your goal this year.


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By Aubrey Mavhuli Author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and Chief Copywriter and Marketing Consultant at A serial entrepreneur who runs a Copywriting & Marketing Consultancy, Solar installations company, an Eco cash shop and a mixed farm in Gauteng. He is a motivational speaker and trainer on Marketing, copy writing, sales, leadership and success. He writes, Marketing Plans, Case studies, Lead generation copy, Blogs, Website copy, Key message copy, Adverts & Sales Emails for Emerging businesses on a limited budget. Email :, Cell: 0722711079


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