Don’t sneeze yet, dear readers. This is Covi – on debut at Zimbabwe Digital News,


By Merkury Rising


Covi – as I will call the Covid-19 virus – is like a new kid on the block, who is bringing a lot of mixed emotions, misery, untold suffering, anxiety and much more to the world.

I mean, its all just too much to wrap one’s head around what is actually happening.

All the confusion, panic and fear – we have never gone through something quite like this in recent years. In societies across the globe – everyone is asking themselves this question.

Are we going to all emerge from this alive?

Apart from infecting the masses, it has also brought economic, hardships, millions worth of deals being cancelled, exports and imports, sports, soccer matches – virtually everything has been touched.

Global markets have crashed, oil prices affected with devastating effect, transport and airline industry affected. Where-ever you look, its all turmoil. Soccer stars being infected with the virus

Movie stars like Tom Hanks and his wife not being spared. Its just madness where ever you look. So for Zimbabwe Digital News I have come up with this cartoon character, whom I have called Covi,

Even the coach of Arsenal football club, the Gunners, has been tested positive to this pandemic.

Funny enough its a he. And he’s here in this newspaper today – asking the question to say: will the world as we know it survive, Are we going to change our ways of doing things.

And after all is said and done, we shall know that there was Covid-19, and we all caught a virus.

Covi is – like you and me – alive and kicking. But just yet. We all want answers, and the answers seem to have been affected by a virus. ATCHOOO…!!!



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